Monday, April 27, 2015

Earth's Layers Felt Board

You may be familiar with our Solar System and Moon Phases Felt Boards. Well here is our next space themed felt board! I've wanted to make an Earth's Layers Felt Board for quite a while and it finally made it to the top of my To Make List.

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I made all of the pieces from my stash of felt. Each piece is a solid half circle. It makes it easier to stack the pieces and also helps children to place them in the correct order. Though to be fair, it's a bit backwards. I'm thinking of making an inverted one as well, so the core actually looks like it's in the center. I also added an oceanic crust with some small landforms and a bit of the atmosphere. I know the atmosphere would normally be much larger, but based on the size of the felt play area (9"x12"), I wanted there to still be space for the sun, moon, and some small planets, just in case the kids want to add them. We plan on making another felt board to learn the layers of the atmosphere.

I really like using black glitter felt to represent space with all its stars. It looks so pretty and the kids love it!

We have also been using Montessori 3-Part Cards to learn about the different layers of the Earth. We can line them up in order, use the labels for the felt board, and match the pictures.

The Earth's Layers Felt Board will soon be available in our Etsy Store.

You may be interested in these awesome Earth books from Usborne Books & More (click on the picture).



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