Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Autumn Tree and Leaves for Felt Board

I am so excited about this new felt board set-up! Although it did take the better part of an evening to cut all the pieces out, it was well worth it! We now have tons of leaves to work with and they can be used with other activities and felt boards. 

I used six different foam leaf shapes as my make-shift templates. I pressed the foam leaves against the sheet of felt and cut around them using super tiny scissors normally reserved for my cross-stitching projects. This was definitely not a project for big scissors. 

But the leaves came out great! We now have about 20 of each type of leaf and in 4 colours (brown, red, yellow and green). I will be making the orange leaves tomorrow after our trip to the craft store (my favourite type of errand!). 

See, super tiny scissors. But they got the job done.

Now, don't laugh at my tree... I honestly had a better mental image. But clearly free-handing it was not the way to go for me and next time I won't be as impatient and take the time to draw out the tree and trace it onto the felt. Bean said to me, "Mama, that tree is a beast," and I am not sure whether that is a good thing or not...

This is what the tree looks like covered in an assortment of different types of leaves. Sure, a tree like this wouldn't actually exist... But soon enough we will have a different tree for each type of leaf. And orange leaves too, because they are essential to an autumn leaf collection.

Since I had just finished it and Bean was eagerly waiting to use it, I just put a sheet of blue felt on a storage cover and let her begin while I cut out some grass.

So many leaves! And she was sure to put them all on the tree. Well, except for the brown leaves. Those were "dead" leaves, so she scattered them on the grass.

The leaves can also be used for colour, shape and size sorting, and simple math (addition, subtraction).

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