Thursday, September 19, 2013

Autumn Themed Invitation to Create

We are loving all the autumn themed activities we have seen around the internet lately! I like to show my kids the fun activities I have found to see if they want to do a similar activity and they really liked the idea of making their own trees. Bean was very helpful and sorted all the leaves by colour while I set up the trays for this activity.

We used:
- a tray (Dollar Tree cookie sheet)
- blue felt for the sky
- cinnamon sticks for tree trunk and branches
- acrylic leaves (from Michael's craft store)
- (optional) acrylic apples (we ended up adding some after the pictures were taken)

We used a sectional platter for our materials. Bean separated the leaves by colour and I put the cinnamon sticks in the middle. I offered to let them use sticks and twigs, but Bean specifically wanted to use cinnamon sticks for the tree branches.

I sat back and let them create whatever they wanted. Munchkin enjoyed setting up his leaves on his tray, but did not create a tree. Bean looked through the leaves and cinnamon sticks and chose certain ones to work with.

Bean carefully inspected all of the cinnamon sticks. She wouldn't tell me why, but she said she needed certain ones.

She very carefully built her tree and afterwards added leaves. I didn't catch more pictures after this because I had to return to the kitchen to finish making cinnamon rolls. But her tree came out pretty fantastic! Munchkin built up quite a pile of leaves and would "jump" his hand into them to scatter them before scooping them back into a pile again to repeat the process. It was very cute!

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Please always supervise your child(ren) when they are playing with sensory materials, especially small loose pieces!
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