Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Apple Sorting Sensory Bin

We are so excited to go apple picking! And apple themed activities have been a favourite around here. One of them is this sensory bin that I created using only a few materials. The kids enjoyed playing with the leaves (especially throwing them up in the air to catch as they floated down), sorting the apples by colour and pretending to "pick" them out of the tree (basket). 

We used:
-a wicker basket
-acrylic apples and corn on the cobs (from Michael's - craft supply store)
-fake leaves (Dollar Tree)
-scoop (Dollar Tree)
-something to sort the apples into (basket, bowl, sectioned tray, etc.)

I poured the apples and corn into the bottom of the basket and dumped out the leaves on top so they were all covered. 

I gave the kids two red baskets to use. They used one for red apples and the other for green apples. I'm sure you're wondering why there are corn on the cobs in the "apple tree". Munchkin was very insistent on having them added to the basket, so of course they were. He was very happy to sort only the corn out of the basket. Bean paid them no mind because she only wanted to find the apples. It was perfect for both of them.

Bean took her time sorting the apples and when she couldn't find any more, she dumped the apples back into the basket and covered them up with leaves again to restart the activity.

The object of the activity for Bean was to scoop the apples out of the "tree", then she removed any corn if they made it into the scoop before she sorted the apples into their baskets.

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Please always supervise your child(ren) when they are playing with sensory materials, especially small loose pieces!

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