Saturday, September 28, 2013

Halloween Felt Board Part 1

We have been having so much fun using our new felt boards! And I have been working hard to create fun Halloween themed set-ups for the kids. So far we have a company of ghosts, a couple Jack-O-Lanterns with a ton of different faces and a skeleton! The skeleton will eventually be used to start learning about anatomy, but for now it's a silly skeleton for Halloween (and yes, his mouth is missing in the picture). 

I made several different ghosts and will soon be adding a few face options too! Both scary and silly faces. 

I cut out two different pumpkins (small and big) and several different types of faces (so far only eyes and mouths, but Bean requested ears so they are on my list!).

Mr. Skellie! This guy is Bean's favourite felt creation so far! She loves rearranging his limbs and pointing out on her body where a certain bone goes. Obviously it isn't 100% accurate, but it's pretty cute for a skeleton! When we make a bigger felt board we will be able to stand this guy up and start learning about anatomy!

I'm also working on a build-your-own-monster board, a witches board and a haunted house board! So stay tuned for those boards!

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