Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Easter Egg Felt Board

I tried a few different felt crafts for Easter, starting with our Felt EggsWoven Felt Baskets and Felt Chocolate Bunnies (which are a healthy alternative to a traditional chocolate bunny, and they last much longer!). Now I'm sharing another easy-to-make Easter themed felt craft! And of course, it's an Easter Egg Felt Board! As you may know, we love felt boards! And it's always my goal to make a couple different ones around the holidays, not only to play with, but to learn about the different themes of the holiday. Well, with all our Easter sensory bins (which I haven't had time to share with you! So sorry!) and small worlds, I have lost track of time and haven't even begun working on the other felt boards I had planned!

However, I am mighty please with the way this one came out! I simply cut out two large egg shapes out of blue (peacock) and purple (violet) felt. Then I went through my stash of felt scraps and cut out lots of geometric shapes, along with a few special ones, like raindrops, leaves, flowers, stems, and a rabbit. The kids really enjoyed decorating the eggs!

Munchkin, of course, called dibs on the bunny! And he loved all of the little circles so he placed them around the rabbit. Bean has really taken to flowers so she used those first to create a pretty scene. She used the yellow circle for the sun and raindrops to feed the flowers.

Munchkin took a break and Bean snagged his egg. She really likes geometric shapes and we worked on creating this pretty pattern with the triangles. She eventually removed his circles and actually this pattern ended up extending off of the egg.

When Munchkin came back from his milk break (because yes, he has milk breaks), he swept all the triangles aside and used some of the basic pieces I cut out to create a fence (he's obsessed with them). But Bean was not impressed by his random placement of the flowers, so she "fixed" it for him. To each their own, right? Luckily they don't fight over things like this... Notice how she added the purple eggs? She said they were hidden for the Easter egg hunt. Can you tell she's preparing herself? Too cute.

Munchkin really just likes to do his own thing. He removed her flowers and his rabbit took over the rain scene. Bean chooses her pieces very carefully and builds a scene so she can tell a story about it.

Have you created any felt Easter crafts with or for your kids? Feel free to share them on our Facebook page!

Next: Felt Rocks!

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