Friday, April 11, 2014

Flower Felt Board

A few weeks ago I shared a photo on Facebook of a flower themed felt board I was working on... Well I finally get to share it! Sorry for the delay!!

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Spring is here! The weather is warm and the wind is only occasionally chilly. We can actually feel the sun's warmth when we go outside. And we can finally visit our local park now that the snow is gone and the mud has dried. But besides playing outside, spring time means the plants are coming back! Well, in our area, everything is still pretty bleak (the trouble with living in a city). But this was the perfect time to teach them about plants and how they grow. So I created a felt board! 

We decided to stick to flowers (at least for now). I started with the roots. I looked through my stash of felt and chose a colour that most resembled roots. This was as close as I could get (this colour is called sandstone at Jo-Ann's). I cut out several different sized squares and rectangles. 

I made sure to leave a space for the roots to connect to a stem and cut out root-like designs. I just freely cut them out, so they each look different.

The kids picked out a few different colours for flowers. Bean described what kind of flowers she wanted and referred to pictures in books. For instance, in the picture below, she wanted the pistil to be the same shade of yellow.

Some pieces needed to be glued on, but for the most part the flowers consisted of a single piece or separate petals.

We also made the flowers in various sizes.

I was given a potted rose on Valentine's Day and the kids have loved watching it grow. They wanted some of their own pots, so I made a handful of them. (I plan on making a sewn version as well, for a pretend play flower shop... more on that soon!) I simply cut out a basic flower pot shape and to create dimensions I cut out a separate rim. The colour is called copper canyon from Jo-Ann's. 

I used Elmer's fabric and paper craft glue and spread a thin layer over the rim area.

I gently pressed it on and set it aside to dry. I personally think the flower pots look a little more realistic this way.

They had so much fun "growing" their flowers!

Bean even made sure to show me when little sprouts started to grow!

This flower has grass growing around it.

The kids now have lots of different ways to "grow" and learn about their flowers.

Roots come in many shapes and sizes!

And the cool thing about the flower pots is that you can still add the roots. Bean kept checking on them and would occasionally change out the smaller roots for larger ones, saying that they had "grown so much!"

We also discussed the food chain and how plants play an important part. We learned about different kinds of plants, what plants eat and who eats plants. They also loved learning about how butterflies and honey bees help plants reproduce.

We also learned about the life cycle of a plant! They really love that they can learn all about plants with their felt board!

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