Friday, April 25, 2014

Lavender Felt Tea Bags

You know I love felt, but I bet you didn't know I also have a tea obsession! It was only a matter of time before I made felt tea bags for pretend play! Munchkin and Bean, but especially Bean, love drinking tea with me. She loves tasting each of my teas (I probably have over 40 varieties) and really enjoys having her own tea parties. We recently began reading poems during tea time, which is becoming a fun ritual. Usually she has her own cup of tea, but because I brew it in a teapot, she is always disappointed by the lack of a tea bag in her cup. So now she has her own set of tea bags to use for pretend play, as well as for tea time! Though I wouldn't suggest using them as actual tea bags! Bean mainly wanted them just to have them present by her tea cup. 

The whole project took maybe an hour or two, between cutting the felt and sewing. I made 6 tea bags and filled each with a teaspoon of Lavender. We used Archer Farms Lavender from Target.

I did not use a pattern for the tea bags. I just cut out rectangular shapes and trimmed off the edges. They are about 2 1/2 inches long. 

I folded the tea bags in half and sewed a blanket stitch around the edges. I used a back stitch to attach a ribbon for the string.  

I continued stitching along the edge until there was about 3/4 inch left.

Then I filled it with about a teaspoon of Lavender.

And then continued stitching and closed it off. I added a tag using a back stitch to attach the ribbon and a blanket stitch around the edge.

Bean was so excited! She was especially pleased that they smelled so lovely!

It ended up being easier to back stitch the ribbons on before using a blanket stitch around the edge, that way you can just blanket stitch around it rather than pause to connect it.

We love how cute they came out! And they were fairly easy to make too! So I'll probably end up making different types of pretend play tea!

Bean made sure I specifically made a "tiny tea bag". :)

Isn't Bean's tea cup so cute? I bought it from Starbucks years ago!

And it looks so much like a real tea bag!

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