Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Lilla Rose Review

Disclosure: I received a free product to review from Lilla Rose. All opinions are my own and honest. 

I'm a busy mom. I homeschool my children, and our days are usually full of fun activities. But that leaves very little time to myself. And honestly, I'm not the kind of mom that puts much thought towards what I'm going to wear or how I might style my hair. A pony tail is my usual go-to hairstyle. And I'll admit it's pretty dull.

That's where Lilla Rose hair products come in. I don't dress up often and I'm not someone who likes flashy jewelry or hair products. But Lilla Rose headbands and flexi-clips, while very pretty, are super practical. Practical, comfortable and pretty. I never thought that I would ever be into this sort of thing, but I seriously love them! My favorite is the Freestyle Tiara style!

Hair ties often become loose after hours of active play (or let's face it, while cleaning) and sometimes fall out. I can't tell you how many times I've lost hair ties. But that does not happen with Lilla Rose flexi-clips! They stay in place for hours and I have literally never had to put them back in. They did take some getting used to, but once we were used to putting them in, they were as easy to use as regular clips. But these ones hold much more hair and I don't have to worry about them falling out. They are amazing!

Then there's Bean. My daughter is usually very picky about her hair, but she loves wearing her Flexi-Clip! She is a squirmy child and does not like sitting still to have her hair done. The Flexi-Clips are so easy to use and only takes a few moments to put in.

We received the etched cluster hair band to review and it's very pretty and simple! The beads are silver and cover the space from ear to ear, with the back being a stretchy black fabric. My daughter is usually the one who wants to wear it, although she does personally prefer the Flexi-Clips. The hair band sometimes brushes against her glasses, which also has a band that wraps behind her head, and that bothers her.

She usually wears it outside to the park. It holds up well during active play and it looks stylish! Many of her friends have asked her where she got it, because they like it too! The main thing we like about the hair band is that it isn't a plastic headband that isn't flexible and will break easily. This hair band is flexible and easy to put in and take off. We don't have to worry about her accidentally breaking it either, although I do caution her not to pull on the stretchy band that holds it together, just in case the stitches come loose, though it would be an easy fix. Her favorite styles are the Freestyle and Parade of Color!

Melody has a wonderful offer for her new customers: Buy 3 items, get 1 item free! Lilla Rose products are perfect for new moms and kids, birthdays, and holidays! Simply make your purchase on Melody's site and then email her and she will order your free item (up to $16).

In case you need help deciding what size is best for you, here is a helpful tool! Melody's website also has a helpful video on sizing and styling. My daughter has very fine hair, so we use the mini and small size, depending on the hair style she wants. For thick hair like mine, I would have to use either the medium or large size.

Sizing Video: http://www.lillarose.biz/melodydetwiler/flexi-sizing-and-styling.html

You can also host a Lilla Rose party! Melody will create the event and then the hostess will invite her friends. 

Message Melody if you are interested in hosting a party or joining her team. https://www.facebook.com/LillaRose.MelodyDetwiler

We have not used their version of pony tails (flexi-oh!), bobby pins or hair sticks, but I expect we would like them too. All of the products are high quality and pretty! Lilla Rose offers a 90 day guarantee. If you need a different size, simply email help@lillarose.biz and they will send you a free return shipping label. There is also a 1 year guarantee for defective items.

Be sure to stop by Melody's business page at http://www.lillarose.biz/MelodyDetwiler!

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