Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Fractions Felt Board

Bean loves math and recently discovered fractions. We do own Learning Resources Pizza Fraction Fungame, but I wanted to make a felt set to eventually add to our math themed quiet book. We're working on it one page at a time and when they are all complete I will assemble it. Until then, I will let them play with any of the pages. 

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I usually multi-task while I'm crafting, so I worked on this while I was gaming and then the next afternoon while the kids were playing with their cousin. Surprisingly this project took considerably less time than I was expecting. About 2 hours, give or take. I started by cutting out the paper fraction pieces and labeled each one. We are focusing only on fractions from whole to twelfths. 

The next day I decided which colors to use. I used two shades of 6 colors, except for yellow. I only had bright yellow and our local craft store did not have a lighter or darker shade of yellow. So we went with a peachy-white shade for the "whole" piece.

Whole - peach/white - would have preferred pale yellow
Halves - light orange
Thirds - light red
Fourths - light purple
Fifths - light blue
Sixths - light green
Sevenths - dark yellow
Eighths - dark orange
Ninths - dark red
Tenths - dark purple
Elevenths - dark blue
Twelfths - dark green

You'll need:
Felt Sheets - One color for each set of fractions
Sharp Scissors - fabric scissors work best
I used a template for the pieces from ClipArt.

For the larger pieces I used a pin to hold them in place. For the smaller pieces, I simply held them to the felt and cut around them carefully.

The kids really like creating fractions! This will teach them early math concepts while they play.

For now we usually use a piece of felt on the table or one of the felt boards to create fractions on. I plan to make felt numbers and fraction cards for the math themed quiet book, but for now we are using wooden number magnets. If you put a sheet of felt on a cookie sheet, the magnets will stay in place while you create fractions. 

I went through each set of fractions with the kids. I asked them if they wanted me to add numbers directly onto the felt (I would have stitched on the numbers), but they said they didn't want that. So for now the fractions are plain. 

And when they are done with the pieces, we store them up in a sandwich bag. Once the felt book is finished, each set of felt pieces will have a pouch or pocket of their own.

Our felt Pattern Blocks and Tetris pieces will also be included in the math quiet book.

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