Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Tetris-Inspired Felt Board

Update: Our Tetris Felt Board is now available for purchase in our Etsy store!

Here it is at last! A Tetris-inspired felt board! Munchkin and Bean will be able to use this felt board for puzzle making, problem solving and to learn simple math skills. And of course to simply play with. :) 

Here's a crazy tip: If you play board games, save the pieces of cardboard that you pop your pieces out of! Because I do and we have found lots of fun ways to use them! One of the reasons why I saved this particular piece was because it had Tetris-style pieces! Tetris puzzles are unique and ever-changing, which makes them interesting to my kids. (And in case you are interested, these were recycled from the Space Cadets board game.) Here are ten different Tetris shapes, but we also made an additional two (smaller straight ones, compared to the one at the bottom). 

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You can always download Tetris puzzle printables or create your own, but I just traced these ones using a disappearing ink fabric pen and cut them out using fabric scissors. I checked to make sure they fit, but not all of them were perfect. It happens.

I made three of each shape and each shape has its own colour.

As you can see, there is one extra (the light red piece) because my son decided at the last minute that he wanted light purple instead. I always make sure to involve them in the process and let them pick out all the colours and decide which colour goes with which shape. 

Freestyle Tetris!

Bean sat across from me while I cut out the pieces so that she could make puzzles with the pieces as I handed them over.

She was aiming to make shapes and quickly realized she could only make squares and rectangles. Sadly some of the pieces do not fit perfectly, but it's barely noticeable. It was really interesting to see how many she could come up with!!

Then Munchkin gave it a try and decided to focus on matching pieces to the square that Bean had already made. 

You can set it up any way you like, but my kids preferred when the pieces were lined up along the edge of the felt board. Our misfit piece was being used as the starter piece in this "square challenge".

Look forward to more felt boards that are in the making, including a few Saint Patrick's Day themed felt boards, a tic-tac-toe felt board, and some spring inspired felt boards!

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