Friday, February 7, 2014

Valentine's Day Felt Board

This Valentine's Day Felt Board was by far the easiest felt board I have made yet! It also happens to be really cute and my son adores it! He loves "making the hearts rain" and filling up the tree with all the hearts and then "shaking" them to make all the hearts fall to the ground. 

This felt board was also inspired by a coloring page that was shared by Kids Activities Blog! I did initially trace the tree and I kept the general shape but I made the tree branches shorter and less pokey. I then added a second, bigger tree with thicker limbs and tried to keep the the same style. The kids picked out the shade of brown that they wanted their tree to be. I always try to involve them when I'm designing their felt boards because although they can't help to cut out the pieces, it will be them who is playing with it and not me, so I want to make sure the pieces are the way they want them to be. 

They chose a bright pink and red for the colour of the hearts. I cut out two large squares that I thought I would end up using all of, but after cutting about a third way through each piece I realized that I had more than plenty. 

I cut out randomly sized hearts. Some were wide, others thin, some short and others long. There was a lot of variety in the sizes and no two were the same. I had really wanted to trace out specific sized hearts, but I knew this way was easier and faster. And hey, it adds a personal touch to it! 

It took me about an hour to make this board. Please note that time included stopping to play with the kids several times. The trees took about 5 minutes each to make and the hearts another 10 minutes. The grass was the easiest. I measured the length of the felt board and then cut a wavy line about 1-2 inches from the edge. 

This is what the tree looks like when it is decorated with some of the hearts. Bean specifically only put hearts at the end of the branches. Munchkin was much more generous and covered the entire trees with hearts.

While he decorated the trees we practiced counting (1-10) and sorting (big and small). But only after he had his fun decorating and redecorating the Valentine's Day Trees, or "Heart Trees" as he calls them. This was a felt board I knew he would adore, since he had also loved our Autumn Leaves Felt Board. He even ran over to their dollhouse to collect Miss Cow (Clarabelle Cow), his current favourite character from their Minnie Mouse toy set. He had to show her how the flowers grew and fell to the ground. :)

He is so cute! He really enjoys playing with his little toys like this. I took this picture while I sat on the couch cutting out the hearts. :)

Be sure to look out for our next holiday felt board! Shamrocks! Pots of Gold! Can you guess the occasion? :) 

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