Friday, February 7, 2014

Love Bug Doorhanger Craft

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I asked the kids what kind of Valentine's day craft they wanted to do. I offered a few suggestions and told them a few different themes they could go with, but after a few minutes of debate they unanimously decided they wanted to make a "love bug" craft. Bean asked if she could give it to Grammy when they were finished and I said "in that case, we should make something she can hang up on her wall or door". The kids picked out foam sheets instead of construction paper, some big and small googly eyes (they only used the big ones), four pom poms and two pipe cleaners. The colour theme they decided on was red and pink. I did give them a handful of heart shaped sequins to use if they wanted and a red glitter shaker, as well as a few glue sticks. 

You will need: 
Glitter (optional)
Sequins (optional) 

I set up all the materials in a tray to keep them organized. 

I traced a half-circle onto the foam sheet and then drew a straight line to the bottom edge. I folded it in half and cut along the traced line. Then I used the first heart as a template and traced it on the second sheet of foam. 

The kids dove right into designing and decorating their "love bugs". The both glued on the big eyes right away. They just wanted to make a face, not a whole bug.

They added sequins and glitter to their hearts content. Bean added a nose and mouth made out of sequins to her love bug face.

Bean really like glitter. I mean, REALLY likes glitter. There was glitter everywhere. :)

When they decided they were done decorating, we flipped over the hearts and glued down the pipe cleaners. I basically bent it into an open oval and showed the kids where to glue at the top of each of the hearts lumps. Then they stuck down the ends of the pipe cleaners.

I used the extra foam to cut out small rectangles and added glue to them as well.

Then they stuck them over the exposed glue. I hoped this would give the pipe cleaners added durability and it seems to be doing the trick!

And that's what it looks like all finished! After they are finished drying they are ready to be hung up!

Glitter! Glitter forever!

This was a fun and simple craft for Valentine's Day! We especially love child-led crafts, so we will certainly be doing more of them in the future!

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