Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Sewn Hearts Headband

How cute is this headband?? It was completely spur of the moment! I made both hearts while Bean was working on her dry-erase tracing pages. And it took maybe 30 minutes to complete the whole project. Wow!

I used a headband that we saved from Christmas. It originally had snowman faces on it (below). I also used a heart shape cut out of cardstock, a disappearing ink fabric pen, fabric scissors and bright pink felt. 

I traced the heart onto the pink felt. The ink will be light (because it's purple) but you should still be able to see it. 

Repeat four times until you have a row of hearts. Then you can begin cutting them out.

They came out great!

I lined them up to the center of the heart to determine where I wanted to cut a line. I didn't want it to fit between the two layers at the base of the heart because I didn't want the strings to snag.

So I decided to cut a small slit about a quarter inch from the base. 

I stacked them up, cut side on top, to make sure they lined up perfectly.

I picked out a color variations shade of pink DMC embroidery floss (not sure of the number).

I cut out a length of floss (approximately twice the length of my arms) and separated out a single thread. I then threaded both ends into the eye of the needle.

Thread up from the back of the heart and slip the needle through the loop at the end. This will close it off without needing to knot it.

Continue to sew up through the back of the project and slip through the loop before pulling it tight. This is a blanket stitch and I use it for most sewn felt projects.

It will look like this!

To complete the last stitch, go through the back of the first hole and slip the needle through the loop. The threads will be doubled up, but there won't be a knot.

Then slip the needle through an adjacent hole (keeping between the two layers) and come out somewhere in the middle.

Then just snip the edge and the thread will disappear inside the heart.

Annnnd I totally forgot to add the fluff! Whoops! Well, luckily there was a small hole that I was able to stuff the fluff into. :) This is what it looks like when the hearts are on the headband before adding the fluff.

Then the kids wanted to try it on before I fluffed them up... Bean thought the hearts were "very silly".

Kaede (our Shiba Inu) thought they were too and kept trying to sniff them to see what they were. Munchkin loved them and kept them on for quite a while while he played on his geoboard app.

Then I was finally given five minutes to stuff them with fluff. And now they stay on and look so cute!

I think these will look very cute when they are worn on Valentine's Day! And I bet it would also be cute to make more of these, perhaps shamrocks for Saint Patrick's Day and eggs designed by the kids on Easter!

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