Saturday, February 8, 2014

Crayon Resist Valentine's Day Art

We have recently discovered how fantastic crayon resist art is! We are so in love with this method that we decided to practice making some Valentine's Day art and then make cards in this fashion after. All you need is a white crayon, heavyweight paper (watercolour or paint) and watercolours! And from there you can basically make anything you want!

We opted to go with a homemade watercolours recipe for this activity, which uses 4T baking soda, 2T corn starch, 1/2tsp corn syrup and 2T white vinegar, as well as food colouring (we used pink, magenta and red) all mixed together. Additional white vinegar may be needed if it is too dry.

I used Wilton food colouring gels this time and they were pretty nice.

I gave them a plain piece of paper to paint while I worked on making the other pages.

Bean likes to make sure every inch is covered in watercolours.

Munchkin always makes a handful. :)

He absolutely loves painting.

I used our paper rack as a drying rack. It is very handy to have on hand when so many pages need to dry and I don't have space to lay them out. 

While they were painting those papers, I was making the crayon resist ones. I used a white crayon to write "I Love You" with a heart and "Happy Valentine's Day!" And per Bean's request, I made a few spiderwebs as well.

See how lovely they come out as they are being painted on with homemade watercolours?

This is what the page looks like with just the white crayon written on it. And for the kids, the words seem to "magically appear". It is really exciting to watch their reactions as they paint over the page and are surprised to see words popping out.

Just like magic!

They come out so pretty too!

This is a really simple art activity, and it always comes out so lovely! In future I may use a thinner watercolour recipe (perhaps add a few tablespoons of water), because Bean paints very thickly, so it dries thick and can be flaky.

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