Friday, February 14, 2014

Felt Cookies

This is my first felt dessert project. These desserts will all be made out of felt and sewn by hand. I cannot promise a time-frame, as I will be making them when I have the time. If you would like to see a certain kind of dessert, leave a suggestion in the comments!

This project took me a week to complete. I started on February 7th and completed the project on the 14th at 1am, just in time! Mind you, I only worked on it for an hour or two here and there, because I worked on it at night so the kids couldn't see it, as it was a surprise for them on Valentine's Day. I typically multi-task my sewing and felt board projects, since most nights I'm also doing something else (like playing tabletop games or board games). However, the great thing about this project is the fact that it was pretty easy! You only need to know how to sew a blanket stitch and an overcast stitch. These were also hand sewn, so the stitches are not absolutely perfect. My kids haven't noticed any issues with them, so that is all that matters!

I picked out a sugar cookie colour of felt called "antique white" for the dough of the cookie and I used 8 different colours for the frosting (white, blue, yellow, red, pink, purple, orange and green). I used regular felt, but you can certainly use premium or wool felt. I always buy my felt from Jo-Ann's because they have great sales on fabric. :)

I used two simple cardstock heart and star shapes with rounded edges, so it looked more like frosting. I traced the two shapes on a corner of felt and then cut around it. I then used that rectangle to cut around the rest of the colours. (This will result in scrap fabric, but I save that and use it for other projects that require small pieces of felt.)

I used small fabric scissors to cut the felt and a disappearing ink fabric pen to trace around the shapes.

I made a heart and star from each colour.

I then found a round traceable object in my house that was the perfect size for these cookies. It was wide enough for the frosting to fit comfortably on top with room for me to stitch around them.

I cut out each of the circles. You will need two for each cookie.

Then I debated: sprinkles or no sprinkles? I took a quick online vote on our Facebook page and sprinkles easily won. They are just too cute!

I completed the first cookie to see what it would look like - too cute!

Then I sewed the frosting to the top of the cookie. The stitch is called overcast, but I usually call it the easiest sewing stitch ever. I just followed the edge of the frosting and started and closed the stitch the way you would for a blanket stitch.

This is what the back looks like.

They look like wafers!

They don't stack so well once they are full-stuffed cookies (2 or 3 before they start wobbling).

To make things easier for myself, I measured and cut each colour of DMC embroidery floss that I would need. I aimed for colours that were most similar to the felt colour. I did the same with cookie dough coloured floss.

I used three colours on each frosting for the sprinkles. I simply added three random stitches and then tied them off.

For the blanket stitch, you'll want to thread the two ends of the floss through the needle and leave the loop at the end.

Stack up the two layers of your cookie.

Make sure they fit perfectly.

From the back, stitch through. Pull the thread almost all the way through until you reach the loop.

From the front, slip the needle through the loop and pull the thread through the rest of the way.

Continue on to the next stitch, coming from the back.

Pull until you are left with a small loop and slip the needle from the front through it.

I found it easier to stitch them all until I was left with about a 1 inch opening and then I moved on to the next one. It was much quicker to stuff them all at once and then finish the stitches than it was to stop and stuff each one and then finish every 15-20 minutes. Or it may just be me. Who knows. Do what is best for you!

And here they are, all finished!

Each batch of 8 cookies managed to fit inside these cute mailboxes from Target! I set them out for the following morning and placed the Valentine's that the kids made each other in front of them. 

Like all of my felt crafts, there was a purpose to them - in this case, we will use these cookies to match colours and create patterns. But they will also be perfect for the kids play kitchen - I foresee a bakery!

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