Thursday, February 13, 2014

Rose Scented Play Dough

We usually use our time-tested favourite no-cook play dough recipe, but today I decided I wanted to try a different recipe. I looked around online for salt-free play dough recipes and found a few that I liked, but I changed around the measurements to fit our needs. Because today I wanted to make a play dough that smells like roses! 

You'll need:
2 cups of plain flour
1/2 cup of water
3 tablespoons of vegetable oil
1/4 cup of Rose Water
Pink or red liquid or gel food colouring 

Mix the flour and oil thoroughly. 

Add your food colouring and rose water to the water and stir it up before pouring it into the flour mixture.

Mix together until well combined.

It will be a bit lumpy at first, but once you knead it for a while, the texture will become much smoother.

I set the kids up at our fold-out table in the living room, where it is the warmest. Outside is a snow storm! Right away they reached for their new heart shaped cookie cutters and got to work stamping!

We also had a surprise for the kids! A new Melissa & Doug Friendship Stamp Set that their grandpa sent down to the kids for Valentine's Day, which is technically tomorrow, but the stuck-inside weather called for it! It turned out to be a huge hit and they loved stamping out all the designs!

Cars were also involved.

I also brought out a bunch of other stamps and play dough tools as well. Although this activity eventually evolved into a tea party. Rose tea is very yummy! :)

And while I was skeptical about the texture earlier, after we put the play dough away in a ziploc, the play dough really became fantastic! Playing with it for over an hour and then letting it settle for another hour after that really made this play dough come together. It was now silky smooth and soooo soft! It really is lovely, and smells just like roses! It actually has a gum-like consistency. 

And it still stamps well, despite being so soft!

Here's a quick update: The play dough evolved again overnight! It's now (unexpectedly!) super stretchy!! 

You can stretch it pretty far too!

The kids quickly went to work making "gum cookies"...

And rose scented flowers! Happy Valentine's Day!

Please note: As this recipe does not contain any salt to help preserve it, you will want to refrigerate it in an airtight container when it is not being played with. It will only last a few days.

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