Friday, February 7, 2014

Tissue Paper Hearts Craft

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This is such a simple activity, but it is one of our favourites! We always save tissue paper from parties and holidays. Why throw it away when you can reuse it for countless crafts? So we have a bunch of tissue paper tucked away for crafts like these. I let the kids pick out two colours and they wanted dark pink and light pink tissue paper. While they practiced cutting the tissue paper (after which, I went back and cut each sheet into 2-3 inch squares) I cut large heart shapes out of pink and red construction paper (not sure if you can see the traced hearts on the paper, it is faint). 

You'll need:

Cut out your traced hearts. 

They eagerly got their glue sticks ready and then immediately started gluing down the tissue paper. This is a great craft to work on fine motor skills! Not only are they practicing to hold and direct an object, but they are also using their hand muscles to crumble up the tissue paper. Which also makes this a great sensory craft!

I set up the supplies in a tray with dividers. This was essentially the same tray and items we used for the Love Bug craft, because afterward we proceeded to this activity! They used a few sequins for this one, but the little googly eyes were ignored again. The only addition is the tissue paper squares. They spent a few minutes crushing and squishing up the tissue paper (a great fine motor practice!).

They proceeded to stick the tissue paper onto the heart. Gluing is usually their favourite part. :) And I am so sad that I read Crayon Box Chronicles Heart Tissue Paper by Number Craft post after creating this, because it would have been such a great addition to this craft! I love the whole idea and it has inspired me to create "paint by number" craft activities in the future.

It's probably not as weird as I think it is, but I love that I can always tell who made what, even if I didn't watch them make it (though I did watch them make these). They have very different methods and techniques, but they are consistent to their own style. :) Munchkin made the top heart and Bean made the bottom heart.

The hearts came out so cute! They will look lovely on the fridge!

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