Sunday, February 1, 2015

Fossil Excavation

Today is Day Three of our Excavation Activities for Kids! We put together a simple dig activity to discover real fossils! This sand is special to Bean because grammy brought it home from her vacation in Aruba, so we save it for fun activities like this! :)

I set up the tray with the pan filled with sand, a magnifying glass, a paintbrush, "science glasses" as Munchkin calls them, and a fossil guide. 

I placed the fossils on top so the kids could see each of the fossils they would be looking for. Then I shook the tray so that they were covered in sand. 

Bean worked very carefully to uncover the fossils.

She especially loves the shark teeth!

Munchkin mostly worked on matching the fossils Bean uncovered to the fossil guide.

Bean loved looking at the fossils up close!

Then Munchkin took his turn. And he completely surprised me! Instead of looking for the fossils like his sister did, he was looking for all the tiny bits of seashell that were mixed into the sand! 

The shells look big in the picture, but they are actually quite tiny! He was so careful with them!

Be sure to come back for our final day of Excavation Activities for Kids - there will be gemstones!
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