Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Sight Word Apple Picking Game

Do you remember our Apple Picking Math Game? We have used that felt board nearly daily since we made it, and we realized that if it worked so well as a math game, then it would probably work as a literacy game! So we traded in the acrylic apples for a few of these sight word apples from Scholastic. I found them in the back-to-school section at Wal-Mart last August and we have found many uses for them. 

Bean set up her felt board while I collected the apples (we last used them for a bingo game).

The apples came in a resealable package. The learning game only had needed the apples and the players simply reach into the bag and pull out an apple and read the word. Our way is a bit more creative and the kids have more fun with it. However, it makes a super-convenient travel game!

I provided the kids with the same two little buckets for their apples.

They each take turns choosing an apple, turning it over, and attempting to read the word. If they are correct, they can add that apple to their bucket. If they are incorrect, they simply turn the apple over and can try again later. Since they are familiar with playing memory games, they are not too disappointed when they get one wrong. They simply move on to the next player and then choose another word on their next turn. If they decide to go back to the same word, they take more time trying to sound it out and have better luck.

We try to keep the game relaxed and fun! No one ever feels pressured and they do not play competitively (although you certainly could).

Bean is especially fond of this game!

I am planning on making custom sight word "apple cards" based on the Dolce sight word list.
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