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Circle C Adventures Review

Tales from the Circle C Ranch is a short-story collection about Andrea Carter. This book will transition readers from the Circle C Beginnings books to the Circle C Adventures books. There are six books in each series. Beginnings takes place while Andi is younger and is suitable for readers who are 6-9 years old, while the Adventures takes place when Andi is a teenager and the books are suitable for readers 9-14 years old. Andi's story doesn't end there though, because there are two new books in Milestones, suitable for readers 12+. There will hopefully be more to come in this new series!

Susan K. Marlow is a Christian fiction author who was inspired to write this book to answer questions from her fans. She is also a fellow homeschooler, which is why her books can be paired with lapbooks and study guidesAndrea Carter's Tales from the Circle C Ranch Learning Lapbook comes with the study guide, mini-booklets, lapbooks, and more. There is so much information about Andi's life, history, culture and more. So whether you're reading the books for pleasure or for school work (did I mention they are perfect for an Old West unit study?), anyone can use the lapbook to learn more.

Tales of the Circle C Ranch Bookk Review

Andrea Carter was born and raised on the Circle C Ranch, which is located in California, during the 1870's and 1880's. She's an active, independent kid who loves horses and going on adventures. She loves her family, friends and the horses she cares for.

Children who read the stories about Andi Carter will learn more than just her story, they will learn about the time period she lived in, like how people lived, what they did for work, their beliefs and way of life. It's a really cool way to learn about history, despite being a work of fiction. The location is real, the work they do is real and many people led that kind of life, and the sources are well researched.

And if you happen to have a son who wants to learn about this time period, but may not enjoy reading from a girls perspective (or vice versa, perhaps a girl wants to read from a boys perspective), there is another series called Goldtown Adventures for readers 8-12. It's about a 12 year old boy during the 1860's, after the Gold Rush, living with his sister and Pa. Like the Andrea Carter books, there are free study guides and lapbooks available for purchase.

Tales of the Circle C Ranch Bookk Review

Historical fiction is one of my favorite genres and my children also enjoy reading books about history. It's a great way to introduce them to the subject and then incorporate lessons and learning activities. We often take a hands-on approach and make recipes, visit museums, dress up in themed clothes and act out scenes, read lots of books from the library and set up small worlds using Safari Ltd toobs. We also research the topics that interest them, look at historical maps and pictures, and create craft projects that are inspired by objects that were used in the past.

We love reading about Andi's life and the many adventures she goes on. And we absolutely plan to use the Circle C Adventures and lapbooks on future unit studies about the Old West when the kids are a bit older.

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