Saturday, June 20, 2015

New Games!

We got some new games from Miniature Market recently, which, if you're in interested, is a wonderful online store that has awesome (usually extremely discounted) prices on games and gaming accessories. We got 8 games for just over $100! And their daily deals are really dangerous! (In a good way!) Legendary Villains was purchased from our local game store. 

We got Steam Park, BattleLore, Sky Traders, Ventura, Bootleggers, Octo, Galapa Go!, and Bugs And Co. The last three are kids games that we picked up for Munchkin's birthday in August. 

BattleLore and Ventura are two-player games for Albz and I to enjoy when are regular gaming group is unavailable. BattleLore is a strategy war game, with each player controlling their own army. There are multiple expansions that either buff up your army or lets you play a completely different one. Albz really enjoyed it and the kids loved playing with all the miniatures. We can't wait to introduce them to bigger, more complex games! Ventura is a historical war game that uses hexagon tiles to determine location based abilities, with cards and player pieces representing military leaders and armies. 

One of our favorite parts of new games, besides playing them for the first time, is opening them up and punching out all the pieces and organizing everything. It sounds crazy that we enjoy it, but it's always something we are eager to do. It's like that "new game feeling" where you get to look through everything and enjoy it in its pristine state. Albz also likes to sneak a peek at all the cards and read through everything. I prefer to be surprised. :)

Seriously, who doesn't love punching out pieces?

One thing that makes me sad is that Legendary Villains did not come with a plastic insert, like the original game did. In fact, the Dark City expansion also lacked a plastic insert. It totally makes sense that the little expansions don't have one, but the big boxes should definitely have them. It makes organizing the cards so much easier. Instead it just has a cardboard divider and some foam blocks. I will definitely be looking into either making a DIY card tray or invest in one from The Broken Token, either the Villains one or the Legendary base set one, or both. 

On the plus side though, the Villains game came with a lovely roll out play mat, which we love!

Steam Park is a cute little game that will be perfect to bring along on camping trips and family outings. It's a game about building an amusement park for robot visitors. There are lots of cool rides and special tents. And I love that keeping your park clean contributes to victory points! 

The visiting robots are drawn out of a bag, so you never know who you'll get.

I love the designs for the green and purple visitors! Purple octopus tea party rides and apple orchards!

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