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CTC Math Review

CTCMath Review

We received the 12 Month Family Plan from CTC Math to review. The Family Plan can be used by up to 10 students, so it's really wonderful for homeschooling families with multiple children. And it's extremely convenient for parents, because it tracks each individual student's progress and sends weekly reports to their email.

CTC Math offers unlimited access to multiple levels of math:

1st Grade
2nd Grade
3rd Grade
4th Grade
5th Grade
6th Grade
Basic Math and Pre-Algebra
Elementary Measurement
Elementary Geometry
Algebra 1
Algebra II

Students will have their own accounts, which will let them access any level of math that they are using. CTC Math will also keep track of what lesson they are at and they can work through the lesson as many times as they want before moving on. Students are encouraged to work at their own pace for maximum understanding. 

Last year we used CTC Math for Kindergarten math. This year we used it to start on 1st grade math with Bean, and Munchkin continued using the Kindergarten level of math. We used to share a laptop and work through the lessons together, but they now have their own iPad's (hand-me-downs) to use for their online lessons. So we primary used those, which meant they both got to work on math at the same time, but on different levels. It's definitely easier to use tablets for online lessons, because the kids can use the screen, instead of a mouse and keyboard, to click or type their answers.

We love using CTC Math as our primary math curriculum, with homemade hands-on lessons afterwards to practice. We use dice and card games, math manipulatives, life lessons (like counting how many lemons we need to make lemonade or adding the price of two tomatoes at the store), and worksheets. We use CTC Math Monday-Friday during our math block, and for about 20 minutes. We work on one topic per week, or switch to the new topic if the lesson is mastered.

Students using CTC Math can work at their own pace and teacher's do not need to worry about leading the lessons. Which is perfect, if said teacher isn't confident enough to teach math. Because let's face it, math is my least favorite subject and the only subject I'm not comfortable fully teaching my kids. The earlier levels are fine, but I know I'll eventually struggle with algebra and calculus. Which is why CTC Math is perfect for our family. The lessons are set up with an introductory video at the start of the lesson, which explains the concepts and how to solve the problems. After the students watch the video, they can start on their lessons, which usually consists of ten problems. And each time you start the lesson, it has different problems, so you don't have to worry about re-doing the same set of problems each time. Students can work on the lesson until they feel comfortable moving on.

I know that CTC Math provides worksheets for some of the higher levels of math, but I really wish they had worksheets available for the lower levels. I understand that they wouldn't be able to create worksheets for all of the lessons, for instance objects in motion. But they could create worksheets to benefit children who have a hard time using online programs. And I know that means parents or teachers could simply use a different program, but CTC Math is amazing and I have seen a lot of progress with my kids using their program. But if, for instance, there was a family of 5 sharing a single computer, it would definitely make a difference if the students waiting to watch their math lesson video had worksheets to practice and work on.

For students who struggle with math, CTC Math can become the perfect tutor. There are plenty of questions and the lesson videos are thorough. And because the lessons are videos, students can rewing and rewatch the lesson video as many times as they need. There are 1,367 math lessons and over 57,000 interactive questions throughout the whole curriculum, so that will absolutely keep kids busy!

CTC Math is available in two membership plans. The first is for a single student and can be paid for monthly ($29.97), 6 months ($127.00), or for 12 months ($197). The second plan is the family plan, which is for 2 or more students. You can purchase the plan monthly ($39.97), 6 months ($197), or for 12 months ($297).

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CTCmath Review

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