Thursday, November 7, 2013

DIY Pretend Play Food: Pizza and Salad

If you enjoyed our DIY Pretend Play Food: Pasta post, then you might like this felt food creation as well! The past few days I have been working on creating several different felt foods. It has been a fun activity for me and I'm glad my kids enjoy playing with them! I am considering adding these to our list of Homemade Christmas Gifts for our young cousins and my nephews, who may also enjoy these fun pretend play foods!

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You will need: 
craft felt 9" x 12" We used white, dark yellow, two shades of red, brown, black, gray, and three shades of green. The different shades are not necessary, but I had the extra felt on hand so I used different shades to differentiate between the pizza sauce and the pepperoni and tomatoes and the different lettuces and spinach. (If you are looking to make a long-lasting pretend play food set, I would suggest using premium felt. It's much thicker and sturdier, however it does cost a bit more, although I typically buy it when it is 50% off at Jo-Ann Fabrics. Regular felt works perfectly fine though!)
Embroidery Scissors You can use regular scissors or fabric scissors, but I personally prefer using embroidery scissors because they are able to more precisely cut, which is great when you are working with small pieces of felt. 

Please note that I do not use templates for our felt foods. I either freely cut or I draw sketches on thick paper (see the picture below) and press them against the felt to cut around them or use them to trace onto the felt. Also yes, I'm not fancy, I was using a board game box as a lap desk. :) They are just simple veggie drawings for the salad. 

To make the "pizza dough", I used a brown shade of felt and traced a circle onto it, then I cut it out. I found another circular object, slightly smaller, and used it to trace a circle on a medium red felt sheet. I cut in a sort of wavy way around the edge of the sauce circle, so it wasn't perfectly circular. I used white and dark yellow felt for the shredded cheese and cut it randomly into small rectangles. I used a darker red felt and cut small circles for the pepperoni slices. 

For the second pizza, I created it almost the same, but used a more orange coloured felt for the cheese. This way they have a few cheese options, just the way we like it!

I also cut up several different pizza topping options, including peppers, mushrooms, olives, and anchovies (not that any of us like anchovies on our pizza, but they are still cute fish!). 

Since the kids really seem to enjoy "making" the pizza more than pretending to eat it, I have decided not to cut the pizza into slices yet. Or perhaps I'll make an additional pizza that is cut into slices, so they also have a pizza for "eating". 

As a side dish, we created a small salad with mixed lettuce, spinach, green and red peppers, and tomato slices. I plan on adding other vegetables later, but this seemed like enough for now. I used the simple drawings to base these veggies off out, but most were freely cut. They really enjoyed separating the veggies by type and colour and pretending to "eat" the salad.

Look for our next post: Tacos!

Please always stay within arms reach of your child(ren) when they are playing. Some materials may not be suitable for every child. Please use your own judgement when creating activities for your child(ren). 

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