Thursday, November 7, 2013

DIY Pretend Play Food: Tacos

If you enjoyed our DIY Pretend Play Food: Pasta or DIY Pretend Play Food: Pizza and Salad posts, then you might like this one as well! Today I finished cutting out all the pieces for these yummy tacos! We included our favourite toppings: ground beef, black beans, lettuce, tomatoes, and peppers! 

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You will need: 
craft felt 9" x 12" To make the tacos, we used dark yellow, two shades of green, red, dark brown and black.
Embroidery Scissors You can use regular scissors or fabric scissors, but I personally prefer using embroidery scissors because they cut more precisely, especially when you are working with small pieces of felt. 

As I said in my previous post, I don't use templates and simply draw out simple sketches to use for my felt projects. When I have a means of creating templates, I will share them with my readers!

To make the tortillas, simply trace a circle in the size that you want on dark yellow felt and cut it out. We made two small child-sized tacos. 

Then using the dark brown felt, cut out a lump of cooked ground beef. I personally don't like ground beef, but it's basically a taco essential, so I included it. Using black felt, I cut out a few simple bean shapes and loaded the black beans onto the taco. You could also just say these are black bean tacos. Yum!

I made two tacos, so each of my kids could have their own. Bean likes lots of meat and Munchkin prefers less, so I created them based on their preferences. 

Then we added toppings! On went the lettuce and tomatoes.

And peppers! 

They look like pretty tasty tacos!

At the time I made these, it was just Munchkin and I playing with them, because Bean was too busy working on puzzles. He loves our one-on-one time and it was really fun pretending to make and eat tacos with him! This was also a perfect opportunity for me to teach him how to build a taco! Fun life lessons in a simple activity that can be redone again and again. 

I stink at making burritos and sadly daddy wasn't home to expertly make some, so this is all I've got! 

I also pointed out each of the different ingredients for him to name with me. 

Munchkin made yummy fish and veggie tacos!

More felt foods are to come!

Please always stay within arms reach of your child(ren) when they are playing. Some materials may not be suitable for every child. Please use your own judgement when creating activities for your child(ren). 

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