Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Zippity-Zoo: A Magical Zoo Book Review

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Zippity-Zoo: A Magical Zoo by Julia Dweck was delightful to read! My kids absolutely love the zoo and really enjoy pretending to be animals. Bean especially liked this book because Ryan actually transformed into a giraffe! Like magic! Hence why it is called a magical zoo. It's a zoo where children go to experience their dreams coming true. Imagine if you could go to a zoo and decide to be a leopard or a turtle for a day?

Since we love pretend play, we used this book as an excuse to bring out all of our stuffed animals. We set them up around the living room, stashed them on bookshelves and arranged them on the couch. Then the kids would pick one and pretend to be it. Munchkin only wanted to meow, so he was a kitty for the whole day. Bean went through most of the animals and really enjoyed being big, meat-eating cats. Roaring is sort of her specialty. :)

And while we read the book, we stopped on each page to see which animals the kids could name. They knew all of them except the toucan. There are so many animals in the book and it was so fun to play I Spy with the kids.

Julia certainly captures the magic of a child exploring a zoo as a giraffe and experiencing so many exciting adventures. Ryan used his long neck to defeat a cheetah in a race and managed to make a booming roar to scare off a lion and was welcomed by the other giraffes, along with other giraffe endeavors. :)

How adorable is this giraffe? It would be so much fun to be a giraffe for a day!!
This is definitely a fun book to read! We love all of Julia's books and would certainly suggest them for young children who like stories about imagination, magic and pretend play!

Zippity-Zoo: A Magical Zoo is available on Amazon!

Julia can be found at her website, Amazon, Facebook and Twitter.

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