Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Pom Pom Sensory Bin

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Today's Toddler Series theme is Pom Poms! Pom poms are seriously awesome and so much fun to play with! You can make pom poms out of yarn (YouTube tutorial) or you can use store bought Pom Poms. Since young toddlers often put things in their mouth, I'd suggest holding off on introducing them to homemade yarn pom poms, just in case a strand comes lose. However, if they are past that stage, feel free to let them help you make a couple pom poms! They are super cute and fun to make!

We used regular store bought pom poms simply because our dog, Kaede, is notorious for making off with our homemade pom poms... She meticulously pulls out each strand one by one...

We filled the bottom of a sensory bin with small and medium sized pom poms. We added tubes (aluminum foil rolls and toilet paper rolls), small ice cube trays, large plastic tweezers, and medium and large sized Easter eggs.

My kids love simple sensory bins like this! They are perfect for quiet time play, like before or after nap time when toddlers need some relaxation. Or if you are homeschoolers and have a little one, a sensory bin like this might keep them busy while you are working with an older child.

The tubes are fun to stuff full of pom poms and to watch them disappear through them and fall out the bottom.

You can use the ice cube tray for cooking, as Munchkin did, or use it to match pom pom colors. Fill one side with pom poms of different colors and then ask them to fill the opposite side with the matching color (or shade if you want to challenge them).

Bean loved playing with the paper tubes and created a little tower and "pom shoot".


Munchkin really liked filling the eggs with pom poms and then working out his fine motor skills by closing them.

Even though Munchkin is almost 3 and Bean is 4 1/2, they both still love sensory bins like this! It kept them busy for over half and hour and they have asked for it several times since. 

For an older toddler, you could also add some colorful pipe cleaners. This way they can use them to create little critters, like black and yellow bumble bees, or pretty butterflies! My kids usually want to make dogs and cats. We did not add any this time because we somehow worked our way through our stash of pipe cleaners... Whoops! Time to restock. :)

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