Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Red, White and Blue Sensory Painting

As of tomorrow, we will be on vacation for a week! However, you'll still see some new posts (including homeschooling reviews) and as soon as we are home I will begin sharing several unit study posts (including a Safari Ltd. review)!

This weeks Toddler Series activity is once again inspired by our upcoming holiday, Independence Day on July 4th. We usually stick to the classic red, white and blue theme, which my kids are always happy about because those are among their most favorite colors (Bean's absolute favorite is brown and Munchkin's is purple). Last week we shared Patriotic Flower Science and a Patriotic Sensory Bin. We have also been revisiting our felt American flag activities and learning lots about early American history!

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My little ones always enjoy sensory activities, so today we created a simple painting project that used red and blue ice cubes (using food coloring), white tempura paint, and a sheet of watercolor paper (thicker paper, so the melting water doesn't bleed through so easily). The ice cubes are cold and the tempura paint is room temperature, so between their hands and the paint, the ice melts easily. You can also use watered down tempura paint in the ice cubes instead of food coloring.

I put the sheet of paper inside a sensory bin (there's a sheet under the sensory bin to protect the rug from the dye and paint) and popped out each of the ice cubes.

I let them explore the ice cubes first and then added in drops of white tempura paint here and there. They immediately began swirling the ice cubes through the drops of paint and LOVED the effect!

If you wait too long, the colors will blend into purple, but if you save it before that happens, you will have a lovely marbled color effect that can be hung up on the wall or fridge! Both results are equally appealing to my kids. :)

Be sure to stop by Suzy Homeschooler's to check out her 4th of July President Stick Puppets! They look so fun to make and we will definitely be trying out her craft!

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