Monday, September 22, 2014

Felt Number Bean Bags

I'm so excited to show you our newest felt bean bag set: Numbers! I made a double set of 0-9, because I figured since we are still working on simple addition and subtraction, we won't be needing many more numbers than that. However, I will likely make another set or two in the future. 

I used yellow felt for the numbers, blue for the even numbers and red for the odd numbers. I just didn't use the typical shades of primary colors. I think they look better this way! I also used DMC #742 (light tangerine) thread for the stitching, because the color almost perfectly matches the yellow felt. You'll need two squares for every number, so 20 for a set of 10 numbers (0-9). You should be able to get 12 2.5" squares from a single sheet of felt. I just doubled the batch. And a single sheet of felt will be needed for the numbers. All told, this project cost me about $2 (for the double batch), not including tax. 

I used the same 2.5 by 2.5 inch template that I used for the lowercase letter bean bags. I didn't use any of the same colors for the bean bags, so they are easy to sort. I'm thinking of making a punctuation set next, and throw in some math symbols too! 

I found some numbers that I liked online and printed them off. I made sure they fit perfectly in a 2.5 by 2.5 inch square before continuing. 

It wasn't until after I had them all cut out that I realized I was missing a zero. It was hard trying to find a perfect match for this set, so I ended up morphing two zeroes together. It worked out, but the zero isn't perfectly shaped, which bothers my ocd... And I'll probably be the only person who notices...

I just used a basic stitch for the numbers and then tied them off and snipped the thread. 

Once all the numbers were sewn on I used a blanket stitch around the edge. You want to make sure they are spaced fairly close together so the stuffing beads don't fall out. Leave one side open so you can fill it with stuffing beads and then tie it closed. 

We look forward to using these bean bags for counting and math activities! 

Update: Our Felt Number Bean Bags are now available in our Etsy store! Customize your order by choosing your own colors!

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