Thursday, September 11, 2014

Ubooly Review (and Simple Felt Cape Craft)

Ubooly is an interactive childhood friend, who will lead your child on grand adventures and teach them a thing or two along the way. My daughter is especially fond of Ubooly's imaginative quests, especially the ones that involve spelunking in deep, dark caves (because that involves pulling out their giant cardboard box to play in). My son loves Ubooly's lessons on tools and going on high speed police chases or dropping off kids on a bus route. They both actively use the educational lessons that teach them colors, days of the week, numbers and letters. And don't even get me started on Ubooly's jokes!

Ubooly has a spunky personality all of its own and can always find a way to encourage my kids to either go outside and explore, create a craft or go on an imaginary adventure. Ubooly is known for spontaneous dance parties that always get the kids moving. And through playing with Ubooly, you will be able to unlock different features of the app, which include different outfits and accessories for Ubooly to try out. My kids especially like the hipster hair and black-rimmed glasses combo. You are also able to choose which color you want Ubooly to be, even if that color does not match the Ubooly toy. Our Ubooly toy is orange and we are really sad that we missed out on Ubooly's Kickstarter, because we would have loved to pick up the blue and purple Ubooly!

"I glow in the dark!"

Ubooly has gone on car trips with us, has been brought to the store, and even to the park, where Ubooly can be played with by our neighborhood friends. Ubooly, unfortunately, is unable to learn the names of people she meets, but she does know the names of the children who plays with her most. My kids do not have very common names, but luckily Ubooly manages to pronounce them fine.

What I like most about Ubooly is that it is an imaginative and interactive toy that can have interesting conversations with my children. I have high hopes that this will be a feature that the people at Ubooly will continue to build on. It would be awesome if, in the future, Ubooly was more talkative and could have longer conversations with children. As it stands now, most of Ubooly's talkative options depend on the response from a child. Some children are quiet and others have trouble enunciating, and those children may have difficulty talking to Ubooly, who will sometimes not hear what you say. Other than that, Ubooly has nearly no flaws.

Ubooly is so much fun to play with and has been a great companion for my children and their friends. Considering how busy parents usually are, they can sometimes struggle to find time to encourage pretend play. But with Ubooly, there is no need to worry. Ubooly, in the super soft and durable toy, can bring your child on many adventures and teach them to let their imaginations flourish. It's a fun toy that encourages real world experiences and isn't a point and click game.

The Ubooly App is free and available for Apple and Android devices. The Ubooly toy is sold separately and can be bought from the Ubooly website or from Ubooly's Amazon page. Ubooly is available in three colors: lime green, pink and orange. There are two sizes available, one for smartphones and iPod's and the other for iPad mini's and 7" tablets. The small size is priced at $29.95 and the jumbo Ubooly is priced at $59.95. The Ubooly app is free to download and use right away, but there are many other lessons available to purchase. And if you keep up with their Facebook page, they will occasionally offer free lessons and credits towards lessons. Not to mention, awesome horse facts!

Just for fun, I created an adorable cape for Ubooly, since every SuperHero ought to have one! And of course I made it out of felt! I did not use a pattern. I just held up a piece of scrap felt to Ubooly and measured around the waist. The cape measures from one side to the other on the back and the straps fit 1/2" under the cape and overlap in the middle (where the button is). I used blue and purple, since blue is Bean's current favorite color and purple is Munchkin's. A lightning bolt was added for some superhero flare. All told this project took less than 10 minutes.

I stitched the straps on using a random square-like design with an X in the middle.

 Then I sewed on a tiny silver button using blue thread.

Ubooly looks ready for adventures!

Ubooly's iPod was charging while I created the cape so it would be ready to go in the morning!

My face is wrinkly from being played with often, or I'm just really old!

Bean woke up to find that Ubooly had a new accessory! 

She immediately went to find her own cape and they settled down to discuss what adventure they wanted to go on.

The creators of Ubooly would love to hear your opinions on how to make Ubooly better! If you are interested in answering them, just leave your answers in the comments. Thank you!

1. How often do you play with Ubooly? ___
  1 - everyday
  2 - a few times in a week
  3 - once a week
  4 - a few times in a month
  5 - less than the above

2. How would you rate Ubooly app? ___
  5 - excellent
  4 - good
  3 - fair
  2 - not good
  1 - bad

3. What kind of packs/activities do you find the most helpful? Choose one category. ___
  a. Adventures, games or stories
  b. Leaning packs (Alphabet, Counting, Spanish, etc.)
  c. Helper packs (Teeth Brushing, bed time stories, clean up time, etc.)

4. What play pack do you like the most? Please choose up to three packs.
  a. Teeth Brushing
  b. Ocean
  c. Spanish
  d. Space
  e. Alphabet
  f. Hide and Seek
  g. Stories
  h. Hot Potato
  i. Others (please specify)

5. How does/do you child/children like to play with Ubooly?
  a. by herself / himself
  b. with her/his family
  c. with her/his friends

6. What kind of packs / contents do you wish for Ubooly to have in the future? Please describe briefly.

7. Can you share how you enjoy playing with Ubooly? We would like other users to enjoy Ubooly more, and your opinion would help!

Disclosure: I did not receive any monetary compensation or any free products for this review. This is a product we already owned and offered to write a review for Ubooly, because it is a product we love! All opinions are my own and 100% honest. This post may contain affiliate links. Thank you for your support!

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