Friday, May 29, 2015

Acrylic Paint Set for Artists Review

We received an Acrylic Paint Set for Artists from the Ander Blake Company to review. They are a wonderful set that I would highly recommend for any painter, whether you're new or experienced. As a starter set, it was perfect for our family. My children love to paint and we have enjoyed taking these paints outside with a canvas and a picnic blanket.

The Color Gallery Acrylic Paint set includes 12 tubes in Titanium White, Lemon Yellow, Medium Yellow, Yellow Ochre, Burnt Sienna, Scarlet Red, Crimson, Midnight Blue, Blue Lake, Light Green, Forest Green, and Mars Black. To make orange we used Lemon Yellow and Scarlet Red. To make dark purple we used Scarlet Red and Midnight Blue, and Crimson and Blue Lake for light purple. 

Since this set does not contain all the colors that my children are use to in a paint set, this was a great set for them to explore color mixing. Typically we use water and food coloring, which was good for introducing them to the concept, but it was much more fun with paints! 

I'm not an expert with a paintbrush. I'm much better with a needle and thread. So I decided to create a simple project that has been on my To Do List for quite a while. I painted pairs of popsicle sticks in 13 colors. Eventually, I'll get around to making "popsicle" covers for each of the sticks out of felt, this way both of my kids have a set of their own. In the meantime, we are using them for coloring matching activities with my almost-two-year-old nephew, math activities with Bean, and shape forming with Munchkin. 

I painted one side first and once it was dry, I flipped it over and painted the other side. I used 2 ounce cups to mix the colors in, since my kids were using the palette. In future, I'll definitely be painting on wax paper (but we didn't have any at the time), as the paint stuck to the paper.

The colors are really amazing and bright! You can easily tell them apart. My son has had so much fun stacking, building, and making patterns with them. 

Bean loved using them as part of her reading and math lessons.

Addition and subtraction is much more fun with painted popsicle sticks!

Just a handful of popsicle sticks have inspired a ton of fun crafts!

We really liked using them and know we will use them for future painting activities! This weekend we will be taking a nature walk to collect sticks to paint and make a "stick chime" to hang in the backyard. After that we plan to paint more popsicle sticks to make a rainbow bird feeder. 

These paints are high-quality and have a smooth buttery texture. They are easy to mix together and dry fairly quickly. We've even had success using them to make a DIY travel watercolor palette!

And as of right now, the Acrylic Paint Set for Artists is 44% off on Amazon! It's an amazing deal!

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Disclosure: I received the Acrylic Paint Set for Artists from the Ander Blake Company through Tomoson in exchange for this review. All opinions are my own. 

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