Sunday, May 10, 2015

Boy Scouts Yard Sale Haul

We found some seriously awesome toys and games at the giant Boy Scouts Yard Sale in one of our local towns! It's an annual Mother's Day weekend event that I look forward to every year. We always find lots of amazing things! As homeschooler's, I always head straight for the kids section and scope out the toys and games.

One of the items that I bought for myself was a My Keepon interactive robot, which I have always wanted... and of course Munchkin immediately fell in love with it and declared it his "friend." Which means it's now.. his. :(

We snagged a Bristle Block set and a brand new Blokus game!

We found a ZOOB Modeling System, which are seriously cool building toys! Munchkin is simply obsessed with them! He really likes to make robots and cars. The Kid K'NEX set is also a really fun building toy! They love creating unique bugs and monsters!

And can you believe that I only paid $1 for a like-new Snap Circuits Jr. ? My kids LOVE it! They have played with it for like an hour every day! The instruction booklet is full of awesome experiments and they are learning a lot about how electricity works!

Their favorite is the Flying Saucer experiment!

Last year there weren't too many puzzles, but this year there were SO MANY! It was hard to choose and I honestly didn't want to be greedy, despite the fact that my kids LOVE puzzles. So we grabbed a handful that would be useful in our homeschool.

This Upper and Lower Case Alphabet puzzle is pretty great. It was a little worn, but that's just a sign of being well loved!

Melissa and Doug puzzles are pretty amazing!

The Maisy Floor Puzzle was a gem to find! My kids love reading Maisy books and this puzzle is really unique. Once you put the puzzle together, it looks just like Maisy's house and then you can use removable vinyl pieces of Maisy and her toys and objects to set up and play in her house! It's very cool. The other puzzles are of a pet shop, kitchen cooking gadgets and four seasons.

I didn't notice until we got home that I grabbed two USA puzzles, but I was actually glad I did. The Crocodile Creek mini puzzles are awesome for car trips (if you have carseat trays). They are double sided puzzles, so there's actually two to make!

I found a set of plastic pattern blocks, wooden pattern blocks, a Magic School Bus science kit and a pet drawing activity set.

We love this magnet play set. We have been adding to it every day with magnetic items around the house.

This zoo themed felt board is also really cool! The kids like all the animals and think that the felt board is cute. It's an awesome addition to our collection!

One of the best parts of our haul are all the board games we picked up! Rush Hour Jr, Boggle, a collection of Cars themed games, Zingo, Thomas the Train tracks building game, Goodnight Moon matching game, Superwhy Letter Game, Spider-Man matching game... there were so many games to choose from, but these were the ones we really wanted.

Spider-Man game, Krill, Blokus, and two USA card games. Plus an ocean expedition fossil kit.

We didn't find too many Lego sets left over, but we did find two Skylander Mega Bloks sets, two Lego containers (which are perfect for traveling!), and four Lego base plates!

We only recently started playing with Perler beads, but they love creating with them, so of course I had to snag this huge lot of Perler bead shapes!

We happened upon a small set of K'NEX... and then found the motherload of K'NEX...

An unopened box of the Roller Coaster K'NEX! Everything else we paid $1 for, but we donated $20 for the K'NEX. Because they are awesome, and it's a huge set! I actually had this set as a kid growing up and I always had so much fun building with them. We're saving this for Munchkin's birthday in August, but we know he will love it!

Not pictured are the dozen or so trucks and cars Munchkin picked out and the armful of doll clothes and accessories Bean picked out, and a handful of other small toys, including a complete astronauts small world play set! I also managed to snag an adorable handmade picnic basket, a Knifty Knitter set, a cute dog themed cookie jar and some wooden baskets for books and toys. Somehow I never manage to make it into the book area because I know that if I do, I probably would come out with 8 boxes of books and I simply don't have space for them, as much as I would like them! Besides, we enjoy our trips to our local Used Book Superstore. Either way, this was a pretty awesome yard sale haul and we made out like bandits!

Technically this is the second yard sale I have ever been to! It was such a fun experience and I was glad to bring Munchkin and Bean this time. They were able to pick out a bunch of things that they wanted, which I probably wouldn't have picked out if they weren't there. They also had fun talking to people and checking out all the interesting stuff at the yard sale. I look forward to going next year too! We can't wait to incorporate all of these items into our homeschool lessons!

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