Monday, April 29, 2013

Painting: Butterflies

So we began this project knowing that Grammy would be visiting and wanted to show her the butterflies we have been making. We explored caterpillars and butterflies earlier in the day using penne and bow-tie dyed pasta. Now we wanted to make butterflies using paint. And our feet!
Use any paint you want. We used Crayola paint that we had from an art kit from Christmas. We poured it into Melissa and Doug spill proof paint cups because otherwise they would have dumped the paint out (the faster to mix it together with). We used paper from our easel pad and layered them on one of the larger lids from our sensory bins. We also covered the carpet in several layers of newspapers, to try and keep the paint off the floor. It almost worked :)

Before we could begin, they needed to get some free-style painting out of their system :) 

Then I showed them what to do... They laughed so hard while I painted their feet :) Apparently it was very ticklish. But they quickly learned what to do and did it by themselves. They had so much fun painting their feet and stamping the paper. The right foot is the left wing and the left foot is the right wing. We did each foot one at a time. Once the wings are done, add a body and antennae to the butterfly. Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture of their finished butterflies :( 

But Bean couldn't just stop at painting her feet. No, she had to paint her legs and knees, too :) Munchkin was perfectly content painting his feet in each of the colours. 

Bean helped Munchkin for a while, deciding that he needed leg paint too.

Then he took over...

And soon they were covered in Christmas colours :)

At the end, I asked Bean if she wanted to paint a picture for our roommates as well. She painted a beard on herself and made a grumpy face, pretending that she was one of them. 

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