Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Sorting Colours

Bean and I are trying to teach Munchkin how to say colour names and how to sort them. Bean likes to use pom pom balls, but Munchkin is more familiar with his foam cubes. Sadly, his cubes only come in four colours, but it's a start. So we lined up four bowls and Bean showed him how to sort them by colour.

He then realized what we were doing.. and his thoughts must have gone to the last time we sorted colours using the pom poms because he ran off and came back with his tractor. At the end of our last sorting colours game we had used the tractor to toss up each pom pom to haul it away..

And so it happened with the cubes as well. We will sort the colours another day.. in the meantime it's time to play :)

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