Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Beach Themed Sensory Bin

Today it was very cold and we had been hoping for some more nice, warm weather. But that is not our luck here in New England. So the trip to the park was cancelled and instead we decided to play in the sand in our living room. Bean loves digging and Munchkin loves adding things to sensory bins, so sometimes we have to build two separate ones, but today we were able to make a compromise. We let Munchkin pour the sand into the bin and then we played on the side with a bowl of shells and rocks while we gave Bean some time to dig in just the sand.

(Kaede needed to see what was going on so she poked her nose in to check it out.)

For our beach themed sensory bin we added assorted shells, river rocks, a chunk of old coral, sand dollars and blue, green and clear glass rounds.

After a few minutes Munchkin wanted to join, so he began adding the shells and rocks to the bin. He showed her that she could use the sand dollars to scoop the sand and she showed him how to build a little hut.

Then they took turns with the shovel pushing the shells around and scooping sand into their pail.

Bean, who normally doesn't like gritty textures, LOVED getting her hands into the sand. She molded the sand into mounds and then into balls to show me.

She had already crushed the ball before I could take a picture. The sand was slightly moist so it could be moldable. 

Trying to mimic his sister. And of course he wanted to put his feet in..

And when the kids wanted to move on to the next bin, Kaede was awarded her choice of rocks for being so patient and waiting for her turn.  

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