Monday, December 2, 2013

Gingerbread People Felt Board

Ok, I've waited long enough! Thanksgiving is over and now it's time for Christmas activities and crafts! Look forward to our homemade gifts and ideas, but for now... Gingerbread People!! Look forward to Gingerbread Houses and other winter themed felt boards coming soon!

I've made the Gingerbread People out of dark hazelnut coloured felt sheets (bought at Jo-Ann's). You can use whatever colour of brown you want, but I prefer the darker brown because it reminds me of gingersnap cookies (completely unrelated to gingerbread people but that's my reasoning). I traced a simple gingerbread man design onto thick paper and cut it out.

As my issue is usually that one side is drawn perfectly and the other side came nowhere close, I decided to simply fold the little man in half and cut around the perfect side so that the opposite side matched. The results were better than I expected! :)

I sketched a few simple designs for clothes and accessories and cut those out as well. I'm not an artist, so everything is pretty basic..

I haven't done much for the hair yet, but Bean insisted that the gingerbread man needed a beard.

Then we took a break for some super delicious Mexican turkey soup!

Now back to decorating this Gingerbread person.. Boots, mittens and scarves were a must.. it's cold out!

 On a blank felt board, they look pretty basic.

Simply adding buttons and a smiley face wasn't enough for me. I felt like they needed clothes to really bring them to life!



Long-sleeved Shirt



Extra details!

"White frosting features!" Because they are gingerbread people after all. :)

Look how pretty she is!

A lot of the pieces can be used for multiple things, like that hat that Bean decided to use as an apron. :)

"Relaxing clothes" because that's what daddy changes into after work.

That hat/apron that is now a beard...

This one is "aunt Yuki" because she wears big black boots. :) (Those boots are actually for the Gingerbread Santa!)

And because Bean is just a bit OCD they also needed undergarments, because wearing no underwear is just weird. :)

Look at all that clothes! I made a lot more than what is pictured. I am in search of a scanner so I can post some printable templates! (Eventually! Sorry!)

And here are a few sneak peeks at our Christmas Village Gingerbread People...

There will be boy and girl elves!

And Mr. and Mrs. Claus!

The Gingerbread House will also be posted soon!!

Please always stay within arms reach of your child(ren) when they are playing. Some sensory materials may not be age suitable for every child. Please use your own judgement when creating sensory activities for your child(ren). 

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