Saturday, December 7, 2013

Santa and his Elves Felt Board

Oh my goodness, these little people are just too cute! I am definitely saving this template for future use! Despite this being a "gingerbread man" shape, this will be perfect for all sorts of people in the future. Dress up dolls will be so fun when we are exploring different cultures and can play with cultural clothes! And I think some superheroes will be in store soon, since Bean is obsessed with them lately (especially Spider-Man!).

I decided to continue using our gingerbread people because they are adorable and Bean is currently obsessed with them (completely understandable!!). Then I used the same clothes designs that I used for the gingerbread people and used red and green felt. I used regular pants, shirts and dresses for the elf outfits and just trimmed the edges. I added a belt to Mr. and Mrs. Claus' outfits and they got the same type of gloves. I used big clunky boots for Mr. Claus and Mrs. Claus got plain black shoes.

I love how much my daughter enjoys her felt boards and she has so much fun dressing them up!!

Here is Mrs. Claus' outfit and some of her accessories! Boots, mittens and scarves, oh my!

And Mr. Claus' outfit. Pants and long-sleeve shirt with white trim on the gloves and boots, plus the awesome belt!

And Santa needed a giant beard, of course!

Ok, I'll admit. I just couldn't figure out what to do about the hat. I didn't want to make it a triangle because then it would have stood right up on his head and looked weird. But then the result I made just looks even weirder... I tried like 5 different ideas and none of them really looked great. Oh well. I'll eventually create a perfect Santa hat.

And then there were elves. I only took pictures of the girl elf, but the boy elf just had pants and shirts that were cut the same way. When Bean made the elf with the eyebrows... he just looked evil. So we removed the eyebrows and instantly he was a happy elf! Crisis averted. :)

Plain dress or dress with leggings.

The elf shoes are my favourite! They are too cute!

Stay tuned for more of our upcoming felt boards!

Please always stay within arms reach of your child(ren) when they are playing. Some sensory materials may not be age suitable for every child. Please use your own judgement when creating sensory activities for your child(ren). 

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