Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Secret Santa Squirrels Book Review

Secret Santa Squirrels is a rhyming picture book written by Hazel Nutt. It's perfect for young readers and small children who enjoy Christmas stories. We haven't read any of Hazel Nutt's other books, but she's an author who aspires to be like Julia Dweck, who happens to be one of our favourite children's book authors!

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Secret Santa Squirrels is kind of a traditional Christmas story, but it has an unexpected twist! My kids were just as shocked as I was when we read the book for the first time. This year my kids have really taken to the idea that Santa comes to our house on Christmas Eve to deliver toys to good little kids. So this was a fascinating book to them. The gist is that Santa doesn't have time to climb down every chimney, magically unlock every door to sneak in and carefully place Christmas presents under the tree - all while being super quiet so he doesn't wake the sleeping children! So he enlists the help of Secret Santa Squirrels who do the bulk of the work. They wait on roofs waiting for Santa to pass overhead.

But that's getting ahead of the story. The previous night Santa basically laid out a feast for his reindeer and they gobbled up all that food because they knew they had work to do! So Santa got them harnessed up and off they went! And as they flew over children's houses, the reindeer - yep, you guessed it. Just couldn't hold it in. They pooped. And as it fell, Santa turned the poop into presents that the Squirrels caught and carried down the chimneys to place under the Christmas trees.

There you have it! The secret it out. This is apparently how Santa gets it all done in one night! My kids were not convinced. Bean had some questions and I answered mainly with a shrug and a "I don't know. Santa is magic and magic can take many forms. Perhaps this is how he does it. We'll never know because Santa is too quick to be seen!" Although I seriously cannot wait until the year I can convince my boyfriend to dress up as Santa and have the kids "accidentally" see him tucking presents under the tree. Am I terrible? I hope not! My dad used to walk around on our roof on Christmas Eve when we were kids and it completely convinced us. But we don't exactly have a roof like that, so it wouldn't work for us... However, we do have squirrels in our roof that we hear from time to time... So you never know!

Despite the unexpected reindeer poop in the story, we still liked it! It made the kids think about how Santa gets all the presents delivered in one night and I loved that Bean took it so seriously that she was asking lots of questions. Always a plus in my book! Secret Santa Squirrels can be found on Amazon.

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