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Motivated Moms Review

Motivated Moms Review

This is a review for Motivated Moms. I received the Motivated Moms iOS App and have been using it now for a few weeks. I use this app on my iPod 5, though it is compatible with iPhone's and iPad's as well (iOS 5.1 or higher). You can also sync the app to any other iOS devices you have, which for us is only the iPod. The app is a version of their popular Ebooks which can be downloaded and printed. The app comes preprogrammed with 2 months of available tasks for $1.99 and for the rest of the year you can pay either $.99 a month or $7.99 for one year. They also have an Android version which I have not tested out. It's an easy process to get set up. All you have to do is download the app in iTunes and then you'll be asked to create an account. Once you do you'll be able to sign in and start using the app. Some neat features of this app include sending chore lists to your email or printing directly from the app.

I like that this app has a set amount of tasks that rotate through the week. That means it doesn't ask me to do the same chores around the house every day and means that I have a set schedule to follow (which I need!). I am admittedly someone who does not focus well and I do chores around the house when I can manage them. Obviously the big chores (dishes, laundry, cleaning up after the kids, etc) are completed daily, but the app also reminds me to do chores I wouldn't necessarily think of. For example "sweep kitchen and entryway" or "wipe out bathroom sinks". Normally I would just think "today I'll clean the kitchen" and then just clean the whole kitchen, which can take hours with two little ones running around needing me every 5 minutes.

The app is also handy to remind me to do these chores in a timely fashion. Now when I check it in the morning, I will see which ones I can get done while the kids are eating breakfast and lunch and plan the rest do while I'm cooking dinner. Doing small chores throughout the day has seriously been saving me time and energy and has made a huge difference. Yes, it doesn't remind me to do everything, but it does have unlimited custom task options, which I haven't added in yet, but plan to. Mainly, I need one that says - clean off cluttered desk. Because lets face it, between blogging and homeschooling, printables and felt projects just pile up on my desk. And my usual go-to option is to just pick it all up and put it in a box and swear to myself that I will get to sorting it out tomorrow. I don't. Impossible. I have the memory of a goldfish (not really!).

Motivated Moms Review

And everything stays organized because after I complete a chore I just check it off the list and that's one less thing for me to do that day. I feel much more accomplished at the end of the day when I see a list of checked off tasks than I do after a day spent trying desperately to get the whole house cleaned. It is just a really easy app to use and keep track of everything. You can even check the next days chores, in case you have free time that day and know you will be too busy for all of tomorrow's chores. I do this mainly on days when I know I'll be spending the next day out of the house.

There are a few tasks that I normally don't use, like planning menus (we don't schedule meals because we prefer to listen to our stomachs and make whatever people want that day). But hey, maybe in a few months I will feel organized enough that planning a menu might work for me! Another similar one is making a shopping or errands list. Well I don't have a car or drive, though my boyfriend does. When he has a day off, that's when we do all of our errands. And the same goes with laundry, since we do not have a washer and dryer in our rented house. So I typically skip over those and just do them on the days we are able. There is an addable option for Bible readings and lessons throughout the year, but we do not use it and that is one that you can remove from the tasks list if it is one you will not use.

This app also allows you to assign chores or rooms to specific people, but since I am the only member of the house that does the chores I had no use for this function. The kids helped me where they could, like changing hand towels in the bathroom and sweeping the floor, which is a chore that my son thinks is amazing. What kid doesn't love brooms? Although he doesn't actually do much sweeping. It is still fun to try and involve them in household tasks so they will grow up to be more responsible about keeping the house clean.

Would I recommend this chore planner? Yes, I would. I know I am not the only mother with a million other things to do during the day. Although I am a stay-at-home mom, there are so many other things that I need to do, between homeschooling my toddler and preschooler, blogging, chores, taking care of the dog and spending time in general with my family. I remember how much tougher it was to get everything done when I was working, though in those days I only had one child. So I know that even working parents would find this app helpful. It has helped me to stay on top of chores so they don't pile up and is a daily reminder to stay focused and make sure I get everything done. Completing the chores here and there throughout the day seems to be what really works for me and is definitely more preferable to an entire day spent cleaning. I look forward to using this app to help establish a better chore routine in the coming year!

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