Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Saint Patrick's Day Sensory Bin

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Saint Patrick's Day is fast approaching and we have been enjoying using our felt board to introduce the holiday to Munchkin and Bean. They especially loved the shamrocks and gold coins, so I knew I had to create a sensory bin for them incorporating these two themes. This sensory bin was so easy to set up and they loved playing in it!

We used:
Green scoop (we found ours at Target in the bargain section)
Sensory bin (we used an Anchor glass pan)

I simply poured the green sensory salt into the pan and shook it gently to even it out. Then I lined up the gold coins along the edge of one side, poured the shamrock confetti over the top and finished it off by adding in the green scoop. 

Munchkin was so eager to get to scooping! He does so well with the sensory salt and it is his favourite type of filler for sensory bins! He loved scooping up the gold coins, cleaning them off and exclaiming that they were gold and shiny!

He even put two coins together with a layer of green sensory salt between them and pretended to eat it like a cookie. Too cute!

Bean used the coins as mini scoops and decided to create a salt mountain.

They loved scooping, pouring and finding all the gold coins!

At one point they requested a bowl so they could "hide their treasure". Afterwards we sifted out the salt and counted all the coins they collected.

A simple and fun sensory bin for Saint Patrick's Day!

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Please note: This sensory bin contains plastic confetti and should not be included in a sensory bin for children who still put things in their mouth, as it can cause choking. 
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