Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Sky and Water Sensory Bin

Have you seen our sensory salt recipe? Sensory salt is so easy to make and can be so much fun to play with! We have been using our batches to create some simple and complex small worlds. Here is an example of a simple small world sensory bin that we created using our batch of blue sensory salt!

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We started by covering the bottom of a glass pan with the blue sensory salt. We use the glass pan because it is heavy and doesn't tip over easily. We did not add any scents to this particular batch, but in the future for water-themed sensory bins, we might add "ocean breeze" or "mountain rain" scented fragrance oils. There are some on Amazon that are all-natural and safe for skin, but you wouldn't want to taste it. 

I told the kids we would be learning about some vehicles and asked them if they wanted to pick out their favourites. We used our In The Water and In The Sky Safari Ltd. TOOBS and picked a handful from each TOOB. I found a few videos on YouTube of these ships and boats and the sounds they make. I plan on making a set of 3-Part Cards for these aquatic vessels, but I haven't gotten around to it yet. 

I set this up at our kitchen table for them to play in while I prepare and cook dinner. 

Wait, why are the boats so tiny all of a sudden? Oh, nevermind, it's just a giant sea turtle and scuba diver. They came to swim in the same ocean.

Somehow the turtle always sneaks into our water themed sensory bins. But I'm not complaining! :)

Bean loves burying the boats and "discovering" them.

Sensory salt is very relaxing to play in! The kids love digging their hands into the salt and pouring it over each other's hands.

The sea turtle loves salt baths too!

After a short while I switched out the boats and added in the airplanes. Once again we found a few videos of these planes and listened to the sounds they make. I feel like this helps them when they are playing with these vehicles and are trying to make sounds for them. Because I'll be honest, I can't imitate these sounds very well. So they love when I show them the sounds they make so they can learn to make them themselves.

Some of the planes decided to have a race through the salty skies!

This poor guy crash landed in the sky! I'm not sure how, but Bean reassured me that it was a soft landing. Phew!

We might add white pom poms or cotton balls for fluffy white clouds next time! We just love how vibrantly blue the sky is!

And because the sensory salt is blue, it can pass for the ocean and the sky! So they were able to play with the boats and planes at the same time!

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