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9 Usborne Truck Books and More!

We love Usborne books and since we have decided on a literature-based approach to our homeschool lessons, what better way to do it than with Usborne books! These books are colorful, informative, and fun to read. There are so many different books to choose from, so each week we will choose a handful to feature! We'll work with different themes for toddler to early elementary aged children.

First up is Munchkin's favorite thing in the world: TRUCKS! Big trucks. Small trucks. Mid-sized trucks. Mega trucks. You name it! Munchkin's love of trucks started when he was a baby. My dad drives an 18-wheeler and I used to show him pictures and read him books about big trucks all the time. Once he was able to sit up and crawl, all he wanted to do was push trucks along on the floor. To this day he still lays down on the floor, so he is at eye level with the trucks, and drives them around. Nowadays we add his love of trucks to his lessons. We count wheels, measure them, even use them for painting and drawing activities. Nearly everything he draws is some sort of vehicle. He learned his colors by matching and sorting his trucks. And now he's learning how to read and can recognize several truck names.

Truck Books for Toddlers

That's Not My Truck is part of the "That's Not My" series and is a touchy-feeling book for babies and toddlers, though preschoolers will certainly still love this cute book. Little ones will love this book that supports tactile and sensory exploration. Follow the white mouse on each page as it will show you where to feel. There are different textures on each page and these books are specifically designed to promote sensory and language awareness. 

Teeny Tiny Trucks is an adorable rhyming story about little toy trucks and bugs. This book will grow with your child and become a great early reader. They will recognize many sight words throughout the book. This book especially appealed to Munchkin because he loves bringing his trucks outside to play in the dirt and grass. There is also a storytime app available for this book!

Busy Trucks on the Go explores a journey taken by a father and son that travel from town to town. You'll be taken through farms, towns and cities, and see lots of different trucks along the way. Small trucks and big trucks, fire trucks and working trucks. The journey also transitions from day to night, making it a great storytime and bedtime book! Your little one will love this engaging rhyming story!

For Preschoolers and Older Children

Big Book of Big Trucks is just that, a big book of trucks! This book includes a handful of fold out pages, that show just how big some trucks are compared to others. You can use this book for so many different activities, like matching, identifying and measuring (go ahead and give them a ruler, they will love it!). The pages are nice and thick, so you could even introduce this book to a toddler. You'll find all your favorite big trucks in this book, like heavy haulers and front-end loaders!

Big Book of Big Machines is just like the Big Trucks book, but Big Machines! So this book includes everything the Big Trucks book left out, like tractors and cement mixers and drillers. You'll also find plenty of huge fold-out pages in this book. If you have a toddler or preschooler who loves monster trucks or giant ships or jumbo planes (or all of the above), they will be delighted to read this book! 

Build Your Own Trucks Sticker Book is one of the many sticker books that Usborne has to offer! This one specifically features trucks and truck parts. Preschoolers and early elementary aged children will love this engaging sticker book. It's great for developing fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Not only that, but while they design and build their trucks, they will be learning about the different parts of the truck, from the tires, to lights, to bumpers. This sticker book would be wonderful for a truck themed unit study, to take on a road trip, as a quiet time activity or to simply let your child explore their interest in trucks! They will be kept busy building 21 different big trucks!

Building Site Sticker Book is another great book for big machine and big truck lovers. This book includes 100+ stickers, including cranes, trucks, bulldozers and concrete mixers. Your child will love setting up their construction sites and deciding where to position the trucks. There are plenty of construction site scenes to choose from, including road building, bridge building, house building and more! 

Construction Sites Lift and Look is a book with plenty of flaps for children to explore a construction site! You'll find out what the builders are doing and what is happening at the construction site. Lift flap books are also wonderful for fine motor practice and hand-eye coordination; your child won't even know they are working on them!

And last, but not least, Munchkin's absolute favorite set of cards! 

Big Machines to Spot is a set of flash cards that have tons of facts about 50 different trucks, from pick-up trucks and dump trucks, to monster trucks and concrete pump trucks. We have found tons of uses for these cards, including matching and identifying activities (both at home using toys and on road trips to spot them driving), math activities for counting wheels (the trucks are all a side view, so we count the wheels on the visible side and then multiply it by two, or add or subtract them). You can also line the cards up to count them, since each card has a number in the top corner, so you can practice counting from 1 to 50. Here's an example of a couple cards from the set:

Next week we will cover some of Usborne's amazing science books! 

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