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Apologia Educational Ministries Review

We received iWitness Biblical ArchaeologyNew Testament iWitness, and Old Testament iWitness to review from Apologia Educational Ministries. These books are great for children of all ages, but the reading level is for children ages 11 and up. Add them to your Bible study class to learn about the history of the Bible and the Christian and Hebrew religions, or use them simply to learn about Christian worldview for educational purposes. These books were written and designed by Doug Powell, who has an MA in Christian Apologetics from Biola, and is an award-winning graphic designer, and is an app developer and musician.

I read through these books and found them to be very interesting. What I like about them is that they are wonderful resources to explore the Christian religion and are designed in a way that will appeal to children. They are factual and give many details from history, including people and places, while explaining their importance in the Bible. The Bible is not a history book, but it does mention people and places that were lost in history until archaeologists discovered them and proved their existence.

While I am not a religious person, I do love history and enjoy learning about religions. These books will someday be a wonderful resource in our homeschool when we learn about religions and ancient history and civilizations in a few years. I can't imagine teaching Ancient History without also exploring religion, because the two practically go hand in hand.

Apologia Review
Cost: $14.00

iWitness Biblical Archaeology explores the history of the Bible. It talks about many historical events and people who are talked about in the Bible and if you use this for homeschooling, you can use this book as a resource to create a timeline from ancient times all the way to the present. This book has many historical pictures of people, places and works of art, along with ancient artifacts and snippets of scripture.

Apologia Review
Cost: $14.00

The Old Testiment iWitness explores the Hebrew Bible and compares the different scriptures. You'll find lots of interesting facts about how the scriptures were written, how important copying was and the variations between the scriptures in ancient times compared to today. You'll also find facts about the prophets and scrolls, including the dead sea scrolls. The timeline at the back of the book is also fantastic and can be used with the iWitness Biblical Archaeology book. 

Apologia Review
Cost: $14.00

The New Testament iWitness book explores the modern Bible, along with the roots of its beginnings. This book mainly focuses on Jesus and what his place in Christianity is. This book does a great job explaining the importance of the Bible and why certain books were included while others were excluded. There's also a timeline of the progress of the Bible, including how many copies were written. You'll even recognize the periods of time they were from, especially if you are learning about ancient history the same time.

I would definitely suggest purchasing the three of these books together, or even one by one throughout a year, because they really do a great job of exploring Christian history. And coming soon in 2015, there will be two more books added to this collection: iWitness World Religions and iWitness Heresies and Cults. And if you really like these books, you might also be interested in the app that goes with them! It's called selflessdefense and was also created by Doug Powell. You can find it in most app stores.

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