Sunday, October 5, 2014

Pumpkin Patch Small World

We few weekends ago the kids and I spent a lovely day with Grammy picking apples and pumpkins at a local family orchard. The kids loved the experience so much that they have asked to go back nearly every day. So I thought it would be fun to let them create their own pumpkin patch small world! 

We used a large glass baking pan and filled it with a bag of dry lentils and a bag of dry green split peas. I also set up a stack of wooden blocks that could be used as a farm stand or fence, a basket of acrylic pumpkins of various sizes and colors (from Michael's), a tractor and a Playmobil family.

They loved filling the tractor with pumpkins and moving it from one patch to the other to deliver to the family.

And of course, no sensory bin is complete without a ton of scooping and pouring.

There were also plenty of tractor rides!

Bean practiced her math skills by counting pumpkins and selling them to the family.

This simple set up was easy to clean up and was so much fun to play with! They literally played for hours, and several other farmer toys decided to join the fun!
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