Thursday, October 16, 2014

On Beyond Zombie Linky Party #5 - Simple Activities to Spell Super Hero Names

Welcome back to the On Beyond Zombie Linky Party! Sadly we missed linking up last week because I was sick, but we're back again this week to share another nerdy activity that we love!

One of the ways we learn about superheroes is by spelling their names or words associated with them. Here are a few examples: Captain America - courage, brave, soldier. Iron Man - rich, technology, smart. Thor - mighty, god, thunder. Black Widow - stealth, Russian, agent. Falcon - fly, wings, pilot. Hulk - green, angry, scientist. Hank Pym - giant, ant, particles. Wasp - sting, small, fashion. There are tons of other words that we use, and usually they are chosen by Bean. These are the most common words she uses to describe these characters. They are written on flash cards and we use them to create sentences.

Another simple activity that we create to learn names, and is used mostly by Munchkin, is to spell names using our alphabet fabric wall hanging. There's a space at the bottom to spell words, so we practice spelling names. I sound out the word or spell it out, and the kids find the letters to spell it. It also happens to be a fun activity that works on fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

And since there's only lowercase letters and only one set of each letter, I am working on some additional letters to add to this board so we can spell longer names and words.

Bean loves writing, so I will write out the name or spell it out-loud for her to copy on a dry-erase board or paper.

Munchkin on the other hand has no interest in writing right now, although he does hold pencils and markers correctly when he draws. So we find other creative ways to practice spelling and writing, like tracing letters in a salt tray or on sandpaper cards. However, his absolute favorite literacy activity is this one! I will write down a name and he will use stickers to trace the letters. It's a fabulous activity that never loses its appeal and has been really successful to teach him letters and how to spell short words.

Like most of the activities we create, this simple activity promotes fine motor development, hand-eye coordination and tactile skills, not to mention all the literacy skills he's learning. Munchkin is a kinesthetic learner, so this activity really appeals to him.

These are just a few ways that my children explore and learn about their interests. Be sure to come back next week to see what super hero themed activity we share next!

This week we are featuring The Science Kiddo's awesome activities: 7 Ways to Play with Dry Ice + Water! Be sure to check it out, because these are some really neat ideas! You could definitely use some of these ideas for Halloween themed science experiments!

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