Saturday, May 10, 2014

Boy Scouts Yard Sale Finds

Today I went to a Boy Scouts troop yard sale. All the profits of the yard sale goes directly to the troop they support, so I was happy to donate to them and take home a few gems! It was actually the first yard sale I have ever been to and it was awesome! I did not know what to expect, as I knew very little about it. But it was seriously a wonderful experience and a met a nice teacher who was running the toys and games section. She has been volunteering for several years even though her children are no longer in the Boy Scouts. What a great community!

And I wouldn't normally post about this, but I just had to share! I seriously paid just over $30 for everything I brought home! Super bargain! It was also rainy out this morning, so it was the perfect time for them to explore all their new learning materials!

Seriously... $30 bucks for all that!

And Munchkin and Bean are officially obsessed with those hats!

I don't even know what these are called, but I couldn't pass them up! I knew my daughter would love them! The first thing she built was a snake tank. :)

And then she built a robot!

Two small boxes of blocks!

And a small set of classic architecture blocks!

Bean especially loved these blocks! I don't think Munchkin even noticed them. The other blocks had ramps for his trucks. :)

 A brand new set of wooden kitchen furniture!

A brand new explorer's kit! 

How cute is this little suitcase? Bean loves it! I'm thinking either a DIY Little Passports kit or a take-along small world... Oh, the possibilities!

Three brand new lap-sized chalkboards!

 A deck of I Spy Go Fish cards and two sets of Ancient Cultures playing cards.

Classic games!

I knew this is how they'd use the Jenga planks. 

A giant USA map floor puzzle and USA card game!

A transportation vehicles puzzle (the first thing my son went for).

A solar system floor puzzle! It even includes Pluto, which makes me so happy!

Who knew that my kids would soon be obsessed with floor puzzles! Definitely going to be on the look-out for more! This is their favourite one so far! 

Munchkin started it, but eventually Bean joined in. 

Barely took them 20 minutes and then they took it apart to make it again!

Three smaller puzzles: opposites, ocean creatures and underground creatures. 

I had to get this one too! Construction Mickey! I've never seen a puzzle like this before that you can add the pieces to so they stick out from the picture. So neat!

A giant-size world map puzzle. Oh man, I am so excited for all the puzzles we'll be making!

And the science kits... These kits are seriously fantastic and most of them weren't even opened! I could not pass them up, even as everyone around me was ignoring them. It makes me seriously glad that we are science nerds. Plus they are National Geographic kits, so they must cost a pretty penny. But I got them for a dollar each. Score. :)

An Ice Mammoth kit - comes with a skeleton and some organs and you freeze it in a mold and then chip it out! So cool! I cannot wait for our Prehistoric Life unit study coming up in a few months. 

A Star Planetarium - so amazing and in perfect condition! I can't wait to turn this on tonight and amaze the kids!

Earthquakes and Volcanoes kit - never been opened and came with a ton of neat activities and materials!

It happened to rain first thing this morning, so this poor Dino Xcavator box got rained on, but that's fine. All the pieces were there and Bean was so overjoyed to find the dino bones and pull them out with the tweezers! It's so cute when a little one exclaims, "Look, mom! I could be a paleontologist!"

"A cute T.Rex!" My daughter is thrilled to have her own tiny dinosaur model. Yay for science nerds!

I managed to come across these two magnet sets under a giant pile of monopoly games! One is a woodland creatures set and the other is a set of build-it-yourself cars. Bean immediately ran around the house screaming that she had a bear to play with. Munchkin quietly played with his cars for a while. They love them!

And last but not least, a Pizza Fractions game! Not only will this game be fun for pretend play, but it will be perfect for maths activities!

I'm so happy with the new learning materials I managed to find! I cannot wait to see how the kids use them and I can't wait to create activities with them. But in the meantime, the weather is finally sunny and that means it's time to go play outside! Until next time!

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