Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Color Mixing Sensory Salt Bin

Here is a simple sensory activity for your toddlers to learn about colors and what happens when they are blended together with other colors. We typically do this sort of activity with colored water (using liquid food coloring), but this time we decided to try it with some of our sensory salt

I let them choose a base color and they played in the blue sensory salt for a few minutes. 

Bean practiced writing some letters in the sensory salt.

I had set up some containers with other colors of sensory salt in them (green, yellow, orange, pink, red, teal and purple) and let them pour them in by themselves. They used funnels and scoops and large wooden spoons to stir the colors together. And of course they used their hands as well!

There were three sensory bins set up on the table and they poured different colors into each to see what the result would be.

The colors looked amazing as they mixed them together!

In the end, each bin resulted in a sort of grayish-purple shade. That seems to be the end result of most color mixing activities like this. :)

This sensory activity can probably be used with coloured sand if you do not have coloured sensory salt available.

And I am so excited to announce that starting next week Caitlyn from Suzy Homeschooler will be joining us for our Toddler Series every Wednesday! Our theme next week will be pool noodles!

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