Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Thomas the Train Sensory Water Play

I've never met a child who doesn't love water play! There's something simple and fun about splashing, scooping and pouring! My children will never turn down an opportunity to play with water! Even as babies they loved it, especially bath time.

Once a week we set up a water themed sensory bin. This week my son picked out his Thomas the Train water toys. Sometimes they keep it simple and pick out scoops and bowls or funnels and cups. Other times they pick magnetic fish to practice fishing or create a underwater world with rocks and water plants and aquatic creatures. Today, it was a few boats and some floating trains.

While playing in the water they discovered which boats and trains floated and sank. Some only sank when they were full of water. We discussed why this was and Bean enjoyed the science behind the simple activity.

Besides that, they loved scooping and pouring and feeling the water filter through the boat's cabin onto their hands.

You'll want to keep a towel under the sensory bin because it's very likely that water will splash out or be poured over the sides. And if your children are like mine, you may even want to use a larger bin because they will be more than happy to climb in and sit in the water!

Be sure to keep a close eye on your toddlers when they are playing in a water filled sensory bin!

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