Monday, June 16, 2014

101 Kids Activities {Book Review}

If you're a fan of Kids Activities Blog, then I bet you know Holly and Rachel just came out with a new book! This book is seriously packed full of activities! There are lots of different ideas and one way to get your kid interested would be to hand the book over and let them pick out an activity! If you're a busy parent or caregiver you'll be happy to know that most of the activities can be set up quickly and some don't even require any materials at all! For some activities you'll need recycled materials or you might have to make a quick trip to a local art supply store, but for the most part you should have everything you need at home.

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101 Kids Activities is full of easy to prepare activities and kids will love creating them! Both of my kids have picked out a couple activities that they can't wait to try out! And a few kids from our neighborhood have also enjoyed looking through the book and picking out activities to try. It makes my life so much easier knowing what they want to try out instead of guessing what they want to do. Anyone who looks after kids will appreciate having this resourceful book on hand to keep kids busy throughout the summer!

We thoroughly enjoyed reading through each of the activities! Some we have tried and many we have never even thought of! There are so many original ideas in this book that I know we will be kept busy by it for quite a while! Many of the activities can be adapted for younger and older kids and there are also lots of helpful notes! You will definitely enjoy this book with your kids!

Here's an example of some of the activities included in the book that we created at home!

Homemade Sidewalk Chalk (page 77)

We go through chalk so often that sometimes it's just easier to make our own. These larger chalk sticks last marginally longer and are easier for toddlers to hold. We tried out the new recipe and loved the results! This chalk is not only fun to make, but your kids will also love learning about the chemistry behind this activity!

Chalk is by far the most popular art supply we make and we often make it outside where the neighborhood kids can stop by and lend a hand. They love helping to make the chalk and some are beyond surprised that you can make it at home! They will enjoy drawing with it even more!

No-Sew No-Glue Tutu (page 63) 

These Tutus are so easy to make! My daughter loves the one we made together! We used Red and Blue tulle and you can't see it because it is under the shirt, but there's a White star sewn to the elastic waistband. Can you tell she loves Captain America?

This activity can be used to practice fine motor skills for older children. Bean enjoyed helping me loop the tulle on and pulling to tighten them. Younger children might just enjoy picking which color to add next. Either way, they will enjoy running around in their new tutu that they helped make!

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