Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Color Swatch Search-and-Find in the Garden

Welcome back to our Toddler Series! This weeks theme is Nature!
Be sure to stop by Suzy Homeschooler's to check out the Crafting and Playing with Nature activity she is sharing today! She is also sharing a HUGE list of nature resources for toddlers and kids, many of which we cannot wait to try! 

We took our set of color swatches outside at a family members house, because she has a huge selection of flowers growing in her garden! I knew this activity would be fun and you could even flavor it as a scavenger hunt with pictures of printed flowers to correctly match them. I kept it pretty simple and aimed simply to match the flowers to the color on the cards.

You can find color swatches like ours at Target and hardware stores that carry paints. We used a hole punch to punch holes into the corner and attached them with a card ring. The colors we used includes: white, black, gray, brown, blue, green, purple, orange, red, yellow and pink. If you have older children, you can use the color swatches with multiple shades and see if your kids can match each of the colors on the swatch!

Red and pink.

We had lots of options for green!

Orange and yellow.


Brown and gray (not exactly gray in nature, but it will do!).

White and blue (again, we had to get creative with some of the shades!).

While your kids are discovering colors in nature, you can also name the flowers, herbs, trees and other plants that they come across to add to the learning experience! You can even show them a nature guide and look up the different plants to read more about them!

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